October 2, 2022

Middle Class Americans Mock Biden’s Student Loan Bailout in Scathing Ad

Tongue-in-cheek political ad features auto technician, landscaper, and waitress discussing how excited they are to operate double shifts and split their backs to pay off some other people’s debts.

A scathing political ad campaign by the American Action Network (AAN) takes aim at Joe Biden’s student loan bailout wealth redistribution scheme.

The  tongue-in-cheek new advertisement spot  features a mechanic, landscaper, and waitress discussing exactly how excited they are to work double shifts and break their own backs to pay off other people’s student loan debt.

“ This is awful policy plus there’s real resentment producing, ” said AAN Chief executive Dan Conston on Fri.

“ Working Americans shouldn’t have to feet the bill for a handout to coddled elite university graduates who don’t like spending what they owe. ”

Biden’s student loan bailout program is estimated to cost taxpayers as much as $500 billion over 10 years , according to the Panel for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Given Biden’s radical plan comes among a recession and a high inflationary environment, even some Democrats , presumably worried about their midterm election prospects, are condemning it.

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