September 28, 2022

Movie: Marjorie Taylor Greene Releases Footage of Police Response To Swatting Incident

“100% they desired me to be murdered – death by cop, inch says Georgia congresswoman.

Atlanta Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) released surveillance footage taken from her home showing the swatting incidents leading to armed police descending on her home in the middle of the night.

Greene joined Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Brian Glenn on Sunday to discuss the swatting events brought about by a disgruntled trans activist outraged over her effort to criminalize sex reassignment surgeries.

“ It’s very upsetting in my opinion that whoever this unwell individual is that wants to have me murdered because I am tryin to protect children, these are pulling away the important resources of our police within our town, ” Greene told Glenn.

Footage provided by Greene displays armed police officers approaching the girl home before knocking, prompting Greene to apprehensively answer the door and allow the officials inside to dispel the particular false alarm.

“ It’s political terrorism. Because they want to intimidate myself, they want to use up our police officers who they hate – they hate our law enforcement, they want lawlessness, they want to defund the police – but they’re using up our police officers’ resources, sending them to my house to threaten me, frighten me, and try to make me afraid to stop fighting for what I’m fighting for, ” Green said.

The first swatting incident took place early Wednesday morning, and Greene became a member of T he Alex Jones Show to explain exactly what went down.

“ I, the sitting member of Congress, had been their target. They desired to get me killed, so in retrospect they called police, ” Greene told Jones, including police handled the situation properly.

“ Considering the fact that this sicko wanted to have got me killed by law enforcement in my own home and had been willing to use the police to do that to me, it’s really political terrorism, Alex, that’s what this is, political terrorism. ”

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