September 29, 2022

Hilarious Video: NYC Chad Chomps On A Kebab While Vegan Protesters Shriek In His Face

Animal rights activists triggered simply by man eating meat

A viral video out of New York City this weekend shows a man calmly nibbling on his shish kebab, the skewer of cooked meat, while triggered anti-meat demonstrators yell in his face.

Captured simply by independent journalist @LeeroyPress of the Viral News NY Twitter page, the encounter has gone viral online with millions of views.

“ Occur to be disgusting! ” a woman informed the man. “ Who do you think you are? You’re just a coward. You’re a fucking coward. You’re an embarrassment. You are going to die on your own… ”

Next, another woman screamed in the guy’s face while he had taken bites of his meats skewer.

“ It feels fucking good? ” she yelled. “ Your small dick and your cunt way of killing animals, also it feels good in front of the vegans, huh? You have all the blood on your face and all the particular blood on your hands. Seems good with your small dick, huh? ”

The internet was quick to make memes mocking the upset animal rights activists.

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