September 28, 2022

Reports Of US Embassy Being Evacuated As Baghdad’s Green Zone Breached

Another embassy evacuated on Joe Biden’s watch as Iraqi people overrun compound.

Days of pro-Muqtada Sadr protests and unrest have reportedly resulted in  Baghdad’s high secure Green Zone being breached Monday, placing international diplomatic missions and foreign embassies under threat.

AFP is reporting that will an  exchange associated with gunfire   has been observed as dozens or perhaps hundreds of supporters riot, with police  using riot control measures   like water cannons to repel an attack on the Green Zone. There are unconfirmed reports that the sprawling and well-known Iraqi Republican Palace continues to be forcibly breached with protesters inside.

The fresh unrest appears to be in response to  Sadr being pressured to leave politics, with the influential Shia cleric tweeting earlier in the day,   “ Earlier I decided that I may not interfere in political affairs. And now I announce the final retirement (from politics) and the closure of all organizations (belonging to the Sadr movement). ”

Yesteryear months have witness periodic unrest as Shia factions struggle to form a government, which has also resulted in sporadic violence amid gridlock within parliament. Against this backdrop, for the last two years pro-Iran militia groups have launched occasional skyrocket attacks on US basics and even at times the heavily fortified American embassy. Sadr’s supporters believe there’s a conspiracy against him.

Though  as yet unconfirmed from the US side , there are widespread reports the fact that United States Embassy which is situated inside the Green Zone is  currently being evacuated .

Convoys associated with international vehicles have also been noticed speeding from the areas of unrest, exiting the confines of the Green Zone.

Below are some developments based on Iraqi war correspondent Ali Almikdam:

  • closure of the shrine associated with Imam Al Kadhim
  • Intense security application near Baghdad International Airport.
  • Sadr’s supporters thunderstorm the government palace & the particular Republican Palace.
  • Curfew in Baghdad.
  • US embassy is usually evacuating

Purported footage of protesters breaching the symbolic chair of government for the Iraqi state, which is at the heart from the walled Green Zone:


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