October 1, 2022

Ex-SNL Star Rob Schneider States Memoriam for Hillary Signaled Death of Show

‘There’s simply no independent voice anymore. It might be all indoctrination by comedy imposition, ‘ says Schneider.

A good SNL skit featuring “ Hillary Clinton” playing the sad song on keyboard after she lost the 2016 election was the exact moment former cast member Rob Schneider says he or she knew the show has been over.

Speaking to Glenn Beck, the “ Deuce Bigalow” actor and comedian said he was stunned by that episode’s preliminary cold open segment, which usually depicted Clinton played simply by actress Kate McKinnon somberly playing Leonard Cohen’s “ Hallelujah. ”

“ I literally prayed, ‘ PLEASE possess a joke at the end. Don’t try this, please don’t go down there, ‘” Schneider told Beck.

“ And there was no joke at the end, ” the four-year SNL cast member added. “ And I went, ‘ It might be over. It’s over. Difficult gonna come back. ‘”

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Instead, McKinnon representing Clinton enigmatically told the audience, “ I’m not giving up and neither should you. ”

Schneider went on to say SNL and other late night comedy displays have leaned into a propagandistic indoctrination approach since Trump’s victory to the detriment associated with viewers.

“ You can take the particular comedy routines – the ‘ comedy routines’ – you can take the comedic indoctrination process happening with each one of the late night hosts and you can exchange them with each other, ” Schneider said, hyper-aware of the Trump Derangement Syndrome embraced simply by major networks.

“ Gowns how you know it’s not interesting anymore, ” he added. “ Because there’s no 3rd party voice anymore. It’s all indoctrination by comedic imposition. ”

Elsewhere during the job interview, Schneider confirmed to Beck this individual was willing to be terminated over his beliefs, saying, “ I don’t value my career anymore. I actually care about my children and the country they’re going to live in. ”

Watch the full interview:

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