October 1, 2022

Hurricane Season Sees Record Lower ZERO Named Storms Given that July 2, Defying ‘Unanimous’ Forecasts

Are the clowns who unanimously predicted disaster going to lose their jobs?

Climate doomsday cultists predicted hurricanes were going to get progressively more powerful and more frequent and utilized their predictions to set plan and advance various “ green” energy schemes.

It turns out they were wrong (again).

From  Axios, “ What’s missing from hurricane season? Hurricanes” :

The Atlantic hurricane season to date continues to be unusually quiet, with not really a single named storm given that July 2, a accomplishment that last occurred within 1982. […]

There was clearly 30 named storms in 2020 and 21 in 2021.

Why it matters:   Nature’s strongest storms typically are the most expensive weather-related disasters in a given year.

– They are becoming more damaging due to human-driven climate change, that is causing tropical storms plus hurricanes to grow more intense, roam further north than they used to and eliminate heavier rainfall.

The intrigue:   The forecasts for the 2022 Atlantic storm season have been unanimous, with everyone from the federal government in order to university forecasting groups calling for an above average or much above average season.

– “ Now i’m a little surprised at the insufficient activity to this point, ” said Matthew Rosencrans, lead seasonal hurricane forecaster for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Management (NOAA).

– He said the silent to this point is inconsistent together with his forecast, but that the almost all tropical storms and hurricanes typically form from late August through October.

– “ The particular interesting thing is that Aug. 20 and later over the last 70 years, represents 75% of all tropical cyclone action across the Atlantic, ” this individual said, noting that the storm numbers NOAA has prediction are still achievable.

Are any environment cultist policies going to become reversed? Are any green energy schemes going to get canceled? Are the clowns who else unanimously predicted doom going to lose their jobs?

Of course not. They’re going to act like this never happened and proceed as usual!

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