September 29, 2022

Pentagon Recruiting, Training Ex-Afghan Fliers to ‘Plug Holes’ in Ukraine’s Air Force – Report

Afghan ‘refugees’ being trained in Ca to fight in Ukraine, source says

The  ALL OF US Department of Defense  plans to recruit former Afghan pilots who fled among the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan to undergo training for the Ukrainian Surroundings Force, a military-diplomatic resource told Sputnik.

“ As we know, the particular Pentagon began recruiting former Afghan pilots who went to the US together with the Us citizens a year ago. Their training now kicks off in California with plans to subsequently mail them to Ukraine via Poland, ” the source said.

The courses will involve not only former pilots but also Afghans who served in special forces units. They are all being offered to undergo coaching and sign a contract “ which presupposes their subsequent deployment to the combat zone in Ukraine, ” the source added.

Nevertheless , the military-diplomatic source underscored that these measures will are not able to affect the overall outcome of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, launched on February 24.

“ All these hysterical attempts ‘ to plug holes’ is only going to postpone the Kiev regime’s military catastrophe and the political one of its ‘ sponsors’ within Washington… They won’t impact the outcome, ” the source emphasized.

‘ Catastrophic Losses’

Earlier, Ruskies media outlets cited the military-diplomatic source as saying the entire qualified operating workers of Ukraine’s former surroundings force has been demolished by effective actions of Russia’s Aerospace Forces and air defense systems.

Ukraine was forced to include poorly trained air cadets for combat sorties, resulting in “ catastrophic losses” among the remnants of the Ukrainian modern aviation, including Mig-29, Su-27 plus Su-25 aircraft, added the insider. Furthermore, efforts in order to reportedly recruit more pilots in Poland and other Eastern European countries failed to succeed, it was added.

Back in April Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said training associated with Ukrainian forces was taking place in several locations in Europe. Kirby specified in that the united states had commenced training using the Ukrainian armed forces on important systems at US army installations in  Germany , helping them understand advanced weapons systems, like howitzers, radar systems plus armored vehicles.

At the time, Kirby noted the Florida National Guard had been tasked with the “ bulk” of the training. The UK, which usually remains the  second-largest supplier of weaponry   to the Kiev regime after the US, has performed a highly active role within training Ukrainian forces. Moreover, Canada and Sweden have sent their groups of military instructors in line with a program unveiled by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 06 with the potential to train up to 10, 000 soldiers every single 120 days.

This comes as European Union protection and foreign ministers, meeting in Prague this week, will even discuss options for setting up an EU military training objective for Ukrainian forces, mainly enabling them to operate weapons Western nations are funneling into Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly cautioned that such actions just serve to  fan the flames   of the Ukraine conflict plus prolong it. The Kremlin also accused NATO of trying to create a state aggressive to Russia in Ukraine, with the eventual goal to deploy its troops upon Ukrainian territory.

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