October 1, 2022

31-Year-Old Transgender Footballer Celebrates Being Able to Use Same Changing Room as Team of Teenage Girls

“The best gift I could get. “

A 31-year-old Dutch male-to-female transgender recognized being allowed to play soccer with a group of teenage women and use their altering room by saying it had been “ the best gift I really could get. ”

Yes, really.

A report by Nederlander news outlet VRPO discloses the ‘ struggles’ Marjolein Schepers underwent trying to adhere to rules set by the Royal Football Association (KNVB).

However , after becoming given a new passport that will certified the biological man to be a woman, Schepers has been then able to register like a woman with the KNVB.

After initially experiencing difficulties with his hometown team in Westerbork, Schepers journeyed 200 kilometers to join up with a team of teen girls in Lisse, along with Schepers proclaiming it to become, “ The best time of my entire life. ”

“ I was finally accepted simply by my teammates. I joined up with in, ” said Schepers, adding that the ability to utilize the same dressing room because the young girls was “ the best gift I could get. ”

However , Schepers was subsequently suspended from playing by the KNVB due to him being significantly over the age of teams comprising of players under the age of 20.

“ I’m 31 years old, but I shouldn’t feel that way. I’m filled with hormones, and I feel like a 15-year-old girl, ” stated Marjolein. “ The KNVB is afraid that I are too strong to play with and against young girls. That is not the case, and you cannot assess that from a chair in Zeist. ”

Marjolein insisted that the KNVB should come and watch your pet in a training session to reassure them.

“ You will see that the happiest woman in the world is playing a nice game of football along with her team, ” said Marjolein.

Aside from the moral and sexual issues with a 31-year-old biological male using the same changing room as a bunch of teenage young ladies, Schepers clearly enjoys the physical advantage over the some other players he will come up against.

As we earlier highlighted , after a biological male in the 30’s who identifies like a transgender woman was allowed to compete in a Gaelic football final against 16-year-old ladies, women who complained about it had their accounts prohibited by Twitter.

An image of Giulia Valentino competing in Ireland obviously illustrates the physical superiority he has over opposition gamers.

Back in June, Rugby’s international governing entire body banned transgender athletes through competing in women’s matches.


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