September 29, 2022

Biden to Ask Congress in order to Approve $1. 1 Billion dollars Arms Sale to Taiwan – Reports

Package includes hundreds of missiles for fighter jets and anti-ship techniques

The particular Biden administration plans in order to ask Congress to accept a $1. 1 billion arms sale to Taiwan that includes hundreds of missiles regarding fighter jets and anti-ship systems, Politico reported citing three sources familiar with the situation.

The sale would include 60 anti-ship Harpoon missiles, hundred Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, and also a surveillance radar contract expansion, the report said on Monday.

The offer, which is still in its early stages, includes a $355 million purchase of 60 AGM-84L Harpoon Block II missiles, a $85. 6 million purchase of 100 AIM-9X Obstruct II Sidewinder tactical air-to-air missiles, and a $655. four million extension of a security radar contract.

The Sidewinder missiles will certainly equip Taiwan’s F-16 fighter jets, which are American-made. In accordance to  Politico,   the sale can not be completed until the Biden administration formally notifies the Democratic chair and Republican position member of the Senate International Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Although the procedure may take longer than expected given the current congressional recess, the lawmakers are likely to approve the deal, per the publication.

After the report surfaced,   the Chinese charge in the US told Sputnik it would demand that the US stop selling arms in order to Taiwan because it fundamentally violates the “ one China” principle.

“ The US side needs to immediately stop arms sales to and military contact with Taiwan, stop creating factors which could lead to tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and follow through on the US government statement of not supporting ‘ Taiwan independence, ‘” embassy spokesperson Liu Pengyu said on Monday.

Additionally , China demands that the Usa stop military contacts with Taiwan in order to avoid further tension in the region. Moreover, Beijing will continue to take resolute plus strong measures to firmly defend Chinese sovereignty plus security interests.

Earlier in the day, Whitened House National Security Council strategic communications coordinator David Kirby said at a briefing that Washington intends to continue to provide security assistance to the particular island, although the US nevertheless does not support the idea of it gaining independence.

The situation around Taiwan boomed to epic proportions after the visit to the island of the US House Loudspeaker Nancy Pelosi. China, which usually considers the island one of its provinces, condemned the check out, seeing the move since US support for  Taiwanese separatism,   and launched large-scale military exercises.

In Washington, fears have grown recently that China is preparing to annex Taiwan militarily. As a result, the US and other Western countries have worked to strengthen Taiwan’s defenses and provide it with financial and other aid.

The Taiwan Relations React of 1979, which stated that the US  would not establish   established diplomatic relations with Taipei, laid forth the so-called One China policy, that the US has repeatedly declared adherence to despite the officials’ visits to the island.

The “ tactical ambiguity” theory, which the ALL OF US uses to purposefully avoid stating whether it would militarily defend Taiwan against a good invasion, was also developed by the particular TRA.

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