September 29, 2022

Mississippi Declares State Of Emergency as Broken Pump Leaves Capital Without Drinking Water

Ongoing water crisis poises the “critical needs” of more than 180, 000 city occupants

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves  declared a state of emergency  for Jackson, the state’s capital, as an  continuous water crisis  threatens the particular “ critical needs” associated with more than  180, 000 city residents.

Severe flooding knocked out pumps in the capital’s main water treatment center, sparking a massive lack of clean water.  

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba and Gov. Reeves  turned on the National Guard  Mon evening to assist in distributing clean water to the city’s residents.  

“ The is definitely a  very different situation  from the boil water notice — which is also a serious situation that the residents of Jackson have grown to be tragically numb to, ” the governor said within a prepared statement.

The crux of the problem resides in Jackson’s failed water treatment facility with low water pressure and inadequate treatment to clean water. Pumps at the water treatment center were damaged in recent floods.  

“ Until it is fixed, it means  all of us do not have reliable running water in scale. It means the  city cannot produce enough drinking water to reliably flush lavatories, fight fire and meet up with other critical needs, ” the governor continued.  

The gran warned residents:  

“ Do not drink the water. In too many cases, it is raw water from the reservoir being pushed through the pipes, ” Reeves told Jackson residents Monday. “ Be smart, shield yourself, protect your family. ”

Gov. Reeves said emergency maintenance is underway at the water treatment facility as there is no plan on when the water lack will be resolved.  

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