October 1, 2022

‘Public Heating Centers’ May Appear within UK Amid Cost of Living Problems

UK Councils looking at organizing public “warm banks” for residents who will not have to get able to pay their electricity bills in coming winter

UK Councils are looking at organizing public “ comfortable banks” for those residents who will not be able to pay their own electricity bills in the coming wintertime, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The idea of open public heating places was backed by the municipalities of Birmingham, Bristol, Dundee, Glasgow and Aberdeen. According to the initiative, public centers and libraries can be places of heating.

“ Keeping hot will be a huge challenge with regard to so many people, with the price of using domestic heating spiraling. Whether or not that’s local community centers, areas of worship or your local library, we want to help people to find locations where they will be welcomed, at no cost, ” Cllr John Natural cotton, a Cabinet member in the Labour-run local authority within Birmingham, said as cited by the Telegraph.

This uses local authorities expressed concerns regarding rising energy prices.

“ It should not have to get the case that people cannot pay for to keep their home warm, but that is the reality that we are facing here in Birmingham, ” Cotton added. It is expected that in October, the average bill of a British household will reach £ 3, 500.

Earlier, Ofgem, the UK  energy regulator , announced an 80 percent increase in the energy price cap to an average of £ 3, 549 ($4, 194) per year starting upon 1 October because of rising global energy prices. Considering that its last revision within April, the energy price cap has stood at £ 1, 971 ($2, 315).

In October 2021, the price cap was £ 1, 277 ($1, 500). Ofgem leader Jonathan Brearley warned that will energy prices are likely to keep rise, and called at the country’s future prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) to tackle the problem.

After Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine in February 2022 and Brussels imposed several sanction packages against Moscow, the energy situation in European countries deteriorated considerably.

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which is the main gas supply route to Europe, have been operating at 40 % of its capacity since mid-June. Russian energy giant Gazprom attributed its underperformance to delays in the return from the Siemens turbine from Europe, where it was sent for repairs, because of western sanctions.

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