September 28, 2022

The ussr halts gas deliveries through Nord Stream 1

The pipeline to Germany has been temporarily shut down due to maintenance

The flow of fuel to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline was suspended because of routine maintenance on Wednesday, Russian company Gazprom has said.

The undersea pipeline runs from Vyborg in western The ussr to Lubmin in north Germany. Gazprom said transport would be suspended from Wed till Saturday.

The halt in transport takes place as Europe grapples with soaring energy prices amid fears of gas shortages on the continent. A few politicians have expressed concern that Moscow could power down the supplies entirely according to the sweeping sanctions enforced on Russia over its military operation in Ukraine.

Gazprom formerly shut down the Nord Flow 1 for 10 days within July, also citing servicing. The company said the procedure of the pipeline was affected by the holdup of a repaired turbine in Canada because of sanctions.

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