September 28, 2022

Unvaxxed Coast Guard Cadets Provided 24 Hours to Leave Campus

Because they’re still technically enrolled, they can’t leave the Coast Safeguard to seek other options for training or work

Coast Guard Academy cadets who have refused the Covid-19 vaccine on spiritual grounds  were ordered in order to vacate the campus inside 24 hours  of getting notification that their instances had undergone final military adjudication, after their spiritual accommodation requests (RAR) pertaining to exemptions were  denied  in-may.

Within June, the Coast Guard Academy gave notice that the unvaccinated cadets would be disenrolled, while the appeals were formally rejected on Aug. fifteen. They failed to notify the cadets for three days, after which it they gave them just one day to  vacate  the campus, according to  Just the News .

After being ordered to leave within 24 hours to be notified that their disenrollment appeals were denied, the seven unvaccinated Coast Guard cadets  had to pack up everything and figure out how to get by themselves and all their belongings house before the deadline,   a single cadet told Just the News on Monday.

The cadets are still enrolled in the academy and receive pay — which the cadet said is like “ pennies, ” anyway  — as they’re on temporary duty at their home addresses. Thus, they are required to attend their military trainings online, regardless of being unable to attend courses that started on August. 22. -Just the News

What’s more, since they’re still technically enrolled, they can’t leave the Coast Guard to seek other options intended for education or work. One cadet told  JTN   that it’s in its final stages to transfer to another college at this point in the semester, which only part of their credits would transfer over to another institution anyway.  

Two of those informed to leave are elderly people, one is a junior plus four are sophomores.

According to the caadet,   the academy claims they will aren’t violating a secured stay order  in a course action lawsuit against the vaccine mandate,   Clements v. Austin , which allows the unvaccinated cadets to remain enrolled at the academy by means of Sept. 1, after which they could be disenrolled.

Lawyers for the cadets have requested a temporary restraining order contrary to the vaccine mandate for the duration of lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that because the COVID-19 vaccine had been ordered under emergency make use of authorization (EUA) – versus full FDA approval – that the military can’t force them to take it.

“ The steps taken by the Coast Guard School are clear religious elegance against Christians and reflect a total disdain for the trust and constitutional rights of cadets, ” Military attorney R. Davis Younts told Just the News on Wednesday. “ The actions of the Coastline Guard continue to have a destructive impact on morale and army readiness. Worse, these activities appear to be based on a lack of ethical courage among the leaders from the Coast Guard.   Using the new CDC guidance, there is certainly simply no medical or scientific justification for treating young men and women who have proved helpful so hard to earn the commission like pariahs. ”

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