October 2, 2022

UNWELL – Biden Gets Saucy with Child in Masses: “How Are You Baby? Just how Old Are You? ”

Awkward faux pas really does nothing to help Biden’s seedy reputation among critics claiming he’s a perverted Minor Attracted Person.

US President Joe Biden appeared to hit on a prepubescent child during a rally within Pennsylvania Tuesday, calling the girl “ baby” and asking her age.

Speaking at  Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Biden took time while on the podium holding a microphone in order to single out a young girl in the crowd, who he recognized was no more than 9 years of age.

“ How are you baby? ” Biden asked the child, who is off camera.

“ How previous are you? ” he asked, before confirming the women’s age by saying, “ Almost double-figures! ”

The awkward fake pas does nothing to help Biden’s seedy reputation amongst critics who claim he’s a pedophile, or “ Minor Attracted Person. ”

Recently, law enforcement arrested two people for trafficking a diary written by Biden’s daughter Ashley, in which she claimed her father got “ probably inappropriate showers” with her and confessed she was likely “ sexually molested” as a child.

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