October 1, 2022

Video: Border Patrol Head Testifies That Biden “No Consequences” Policy Has Caused Border Crisis

“In my experience, we have observed increases when there are simply no consequences”

Raul Ortiz, The Head of The U. H. Border Patrol has testified under oath that he thinks the Biden administration’s plan of “ no consequences” for illegal immigrants trying to enter the country has made the border less safe, triggered an exponential increase in people attempting to cross, and has straight caused what he thinks constitutes a “ crisis”.

The video footage of Ortiz’s comments has been obtained by Fox Information and comes from a depositing from last month associated with a lawsuit brought against the Department of Homeland Security by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.

The suit alleges that Biden’s ending of Trump administration policies, such as the ‘ Remain in Mexico’ policy exactly where migrants were not allowed in to the U. S. until completely background checked, has resulted in a mass migration emergency in the last year and a half.

“ In my experience, we have seen increases when you can find no consequences, ” Ortiz said during the deposition, adding   “ There is an assumption that if migrant populations are usually told that there is a potential which they may be released, that, yes, you can see increases. ”

“ So , it is going to increase at an exponential rate. Is that what is being suggested here? ” the attorney further probed.

“ Well, I do think it is going to increase, yeah, ” responded Ortiz.

The attorney also pointed to a springtime 2021 memo that disclosed Biden’s immigration policies, asking Ortiz “ Since President Biden had been elected, does this document indicate that aliens unlawfully entering the United States perceive that they can be able to enter and stay in the United States? ”

“ Yes, ” Ortiz replied.


Ortiz further referred to the southern border as being in “ crisis” plus replied in the affirmative whenever asked if the border is definitely “ less safe for Americans and aliens alike. ”

Ortiz also agreed with a declaration by the plaintiff attorney that “ unprecedented numbers” of migrants have illegally moved into the U. S. this year.

According to information from Customs and Border Protection,   a lot more than  two million   people have attempted to combination the border in the 2022 fiscal year so far.

That figure equates to a 22 year high.

The Biden administration has also repeatedly attempted to lift Title 42 , which is aimed at avoiding the spread of communicable diseases in the country by switching back those trying to get into from a country where that will disease is rife.

Critics have pointed out that while vast numbers of undocumented and unvaccinated migrants are being bussed from the border in order to American cities, the management has barred non vaccinated visitors, including high profile numbers such as rugby star Novak Djokovic .

Responding to Ortiz’s deposition, AG Moody stated “ The Biden administration caused the surge, produced the border less safe and is flagrantly violating the federal laws they swore to uphold. The Biden administration is putting hard-working border patrol agents within impossible and untenable jobs — risking their lifestyles and safety, and I wish to thank Chief Ortiz with regard to testifying truthfully at their deposition. ”

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