October 6, 2022

View: Alex Jones & Steve Bannon On How To Stop The truly amazing Reset

Jones joined Bannon’s podcast on the day of the Infowars founder’s latest book release

Infowars founder Alex Jones joined former Trump advisor Steve Bannon on Tuesday’s transmission of “ War Room Pandemic” to discuss Alex’s new book “ The Great Totally reset: And The War For The Globe. ”

Released on Tuesday, the book concentrates on the dystopian globalist agenda predetermined for humanity with a group of unelected elitists which literally want to kill most of the population.

On this discussion with Bannon, Jones explains how the global security grid being developed by groupings like the World Economic Forum is the number one enemy associated with We The People.

In one clip from the interview that went viral, Jones noted the mainstream press and establishment politicians in the usa don’t even focus on issues the average person truly cares about such as the wide-open southern edge, election fraud, or the army being forced to take experimental covid jabs.

This individual suggested, “ The Republicans need to get on the offense, however the Republican RINO establishment is certainly working with the Democrat Party establishment to fend off the particular populist, peaceful, political insurrection that has been taking the country and the world by storm. ”

Jones and Bannon furthermore focused on ways for the populist movement to avoid being baited into violence, especially if Trump is indicted.

“ If they do arrest Trump, I don’t desire war in the streets, I would like total political realignment to the next level and we should talk about peaceful ways to not let them, Steve, provocateur us in to violence, ” Jones stated.

To find out more about the Great Reset – and to keep Infowars heading – please purchase Alex Jones’ book “ The Great Reset” now.

Watch the full Jones-Bannon interview below:

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