October 1, 2022

CNN Accused Of Deceptively Editing Color Of Biden’s Dark Red Anti-MAGA Speech

Threatening orange background observed changing to more friendly hot ruddy, leading to accusations CNN experimented with soften speech’s dark totalitarian symbolism.

CNN is now being accused of editing the menacing red background color of Joe Biden’s prime-time language Thursday night where he named “ MAGA Republicans” foes of the state.

Biden delivered their anti-MAGA address in front of Philadelphia’s historic Independence Hall, though red lights shining relating to the building behind him including a zoomed-in crop editing out the blue lights beside the step gave the already divisive speech a more menacing authoritarian tone.

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However , inside a feed of the event voice broadcasting by CNN the terrifying red background was managed to change to a more friendly hot pink, fuchsia or perhaps magenta color, leading to accusations the cable news multilevel attempted to soften the speech’s dark totalitarian symbolism.

CNN’s apparent shade correction was called out there by many on social media:

According to a CNN representative, it wasn’t the fault.

Within an exclusive comment to Infowars, CNN Head of Tactical Communications Matt Dornic professed the network wasn’t accountable for the issue as they were only mirroring a CBS provide for.

On background: There was an issue with  the CBS swimming pool feed. They told us all that they set up their video camera during the day and then when the  sun  went down and the crimson and blue lights during independence hall came in, the color temperature was out of. Each net had to correct on the fly in their control areas with varying levels of achieving success.   This is not something that might be easily corrected in the field. I actually confirmed w nbc/MSNBC the fact that their control room in addition had to make the fix plus bring the levels back into selection. I suspect if you investigate CBSN, you’ll see the same trouble.    

Infowars has been unable to verify Dornic’s conclusion via CBS video within the speech.

Biden’s angry rant declaring a radical danger posed to America by means of MAGA Republican extremists and calling it a “ battle for the soul of this nation” was seen by many on both sides of the political electoral aisle as deeply divisive and antithetical to unifying a broken nation.

H/T: The Post Millennial

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