October 1, 2022

Dorrie Bannon’s Home Swatted Upon Night Of Biden’s Divisive Conversation

Bannon seemed to be swatted in July

Former Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon’s Washington DC home was swatted for the second time in 8 weeks on Thursday night following a person claimed a shooting took place at his home.

“ Swatting” is when an person intentionally makes a false police report to get law enforcement to raid the home of a certain person in hopes they get shot and killed in the process.

Bannon was not home at the time of the police raid, but he told the Every day Mail he blames the Biden administration’s divisive rhetoric for the dangerous incident.

“ I’m never going to stop so they’ll have to kill me first, ” he told the outlet.   “ And if they destroy me so bad. ”  

The same night Bannon’s home was targeted, Joe Biden delivered the speech that is already infamous for the dark red background and the dangerously divisive message delivered.

“ This is 100 percent induced by the White House: the White House spokeswoman previously that day, Biden’s bulletins over the last couple of days, ” Bannon said. “ The White House is trying to use this kind of violence. They’re stirring up the unstable people on the considerably left to do this. ”

Georgia GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was swatted two times last week , once allegedly by an anonymous trans left-wing activist.

The hostility in America is certainly increasing and the Biden administration is throwing fuel at the fire while telling residents they want unity.

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