October 3, 2022

More dark and Colder: Europeans Cautioned of ‘Unprecedented’ Power Failures This Winter

“Production of electricity cannot keep up with demand. “

Europeans are being warned of ‘ unprecedented’ power failures this winter as the energy crisis brings a foreseeable future which will be colder and darker.

“ It comes with an increased risk of a lack of power this winter, ” Klaus Winther, deputy movie director at Energinet, the Danish national transmission system owner for electricity and natural gas, told TV2.

Winther says the turmoil will herald a new era of energy consumption predicated on rationing to prevent blackouts.

A “ ideal storm” of soaring costs, a hot dry summertime, and a collapse in the confidence of energy security means energy grid failures are now a real possibility.

“ The production of electricity cannot maintain the demand, and this increases the probability of a power failure, ” said Winther.

Although insisting that will “ power cuts are the absolutely last tool we have in the drawer, ” Winther warned that individual distribution companies may be forced to shut off electrical power supplies for hours at a time to avoid longer blackouts.

Meanwhile, Brian Vad Mathiesen, professor of energy planning with Aalborg University, said Danes may have to adopt a 70’s oil crisis-style mentality and get used to living in colder plus darker houses.

“ We must create energy-saving campaigns on a scale we all cannot imagine, and everybody must take responsibility, ” he said.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Sweden, the prospect of sustained strength outages has been increased through “ low” to “ real, ” with the more populated areas most at risk.

“ This winter, at its very coldest, there is a real risk that we will have to interrupt electricity usage in parts of southern Sweden, ” strategic operations manager for Swedish power grid operator Svenska Kraftnä big t, Erik Ek, said in a press release.

Even as we document in the video beneath, all of this was avoidable.

There was a serenity deal between Ukraine and Russia in place back in earlier April, but it was deliberately derailed by Boris Manley and the Biden administration.

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