October 6, 2022

Sick! Breasts & Nipples Exposed During ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show

“Wow! Tits, ” warned an individual witnessing the scene

A man along with fake breasts and nipples showed his naked upper body to unsuspecting families during an allegedly “ family members friendly” Colorado drag display this week.

The event in question was called the Castle Rock Pride Event, an LGBT event within Douglas County.

Conservative activist Andy Ngô published about the incident on Tweets Wednesday, writing, “ The group that organized the family-friendly PrideFest in Douglas County, CO apologized after video emerged showing a performer’s fake breasts being exposed throughout a children’s show. Leftists criticized the apology, saying nipples aren’t sexual. ”

In a video Ngô provided in his social media publish, a man dancing in drag can be seen spinning on a baskeball hoop while his silicone boobies and fake nipples were exposed for at least 30 seconds.

The performer was apparently unacquainted with the case of public indecency until a person on a mic brought it to their attention by saying, “ Incredible. Titties. Tits, tits. ”

The group behind the event issued a statement after a video of the performer’s “ closet malfunction” was spread on the web.

“ We wish to apologize for an occurrence that occurred during the PrideFest yesterday, ” the girls said. “ One of our performer’s outfits shifted during an aerial acrobatics performance and revealed fake nipples on the silicone breast plate which was part of the costume. ”

The satisfaction association also explained the particular breast exposure “ had not been a planned part of the performance” and that they do not “ think it is acceptable” as it is “ not really in line with the family-family entertainment there were planned. ”

This really is simply the latest example of the left openly grooming young adults into their sexual cult.

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