October 1, 2022

University Mandates Vaccine for Students But Not Staff

Learners employed by the university can also be subject to stricter protocols

Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania launched its Fall 2022 COVID-19 vaccination   protocol , stating that coming back students must be   fully vaccinated   prior to arriving on campus.

In contrast to the student vaccination necessity,   employees   are only “ highly encouraged” to be vaccinated just before returning to campus, suggesting that unvaccinated employees should “ talk to [their] doctor about the benefits. ”

Students utilized by the university are susceptible to stricter protocols.  

Susquehanna University policy  states   that students may request a COVID-19 vaccination permission for medical, religious, or even philosophical reasons, though regardless of whether such an exemption will be given will be considered “ with an individual basis through the Pupil Health Center. ”

The university also reserves “ the right to require exemption approvals be renewed for each academic year, ” leaving students thinking if their exemption would be authorized each subsequent year.

Susquehanna gives individual  instructors   the ability to choose to require face masks in their classrooms, regardless of any kind of student’s vaccination or enhancer status.

“ Instructors have discretion in order to require masks in classrooms regardless of class participants’ vaccination/booster status, ” the university or college website reads.

Dr . Lee Merrit of The Medical Digital rebel joins The Alex Jones Show to warn the public about nanotech contained in the Covid vaccines.

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