September 28, 2022

What makes Leftists Obsessed With Destroying Leading man Culture?

Leftists are targeting the foundations of heroic archetypes and mythologies by attacking heroic representations in our culture. They are seeking to change the nature of heroism by hijacking cultural pillars and erasing beloved stories and characters in order to “reboot” them in the image of the leftist cult.

In the movie ‘ Batman: The Darkish Knight’ the well-regarded district attorney Harvey Dent makes a statement that has since woven by itself into our popular tradition to the point that we often hear it quoted as if it was said by some ancient philosopher.

He noted:

You either die a hero or you live long enough to find out yourself become the villain. ”

Probably the most predictable interpretation of this is that there is a fine line in between doing good and doing evil with the best of intentions. People can start out since heroes and quickly fall to darkness in the name of serving the “ greater great. ” I think there is a lot more meaning behind the quote, however.

Addititionally there is the issue of historical revision as well as the fact that the heroes associated with yesterday might be considered the particular terrorists of tomorrow provided who is in charge of writing the history books or reporting this news. Sometimes heroes become evil doers through their own mistakes, also they are just rewritten this way.

For example , nowadays we hear constant gnashing and wailing from the politics left about the “ evils” of the Founding Fathers and why they should be erased or even canceled from our cultural zeitgeist. They have even attempted to modify the very foundations of United states history through  their particular “ 1619 Project”   as they assert that will no American accomplishment is usually valid because EVERYTHING had been built around the institution of slavery. They make no mention that slavery has been an institution in every single tradition on the planet since civilization began, but that doesn’t matter to them.

The goal of the 1619 Project was to diminish or dismiss everything clearly American, right down to the revolution that founded our country. What they care about is the deconstruction of heroes, in part if you can destroy the character of a hero then you might be able to also destroy what they stood pertaining to in the process. And, if you can ruin the ideals of a modern society, it becomes a lot easier to after that control that society.

When the political still left seeks to undermine the particular legacy of the founders they aren’t just engaging in personality attacks against men who are able to no longer defend themselves, they are also attempting to sabotage the eyesight those men created – The vision of a free republic outside of the dictates associated with collectivism and monarchy (rule by the elites).

Obviously the Founding Dads are no longer alive, but there are millions of people that have carried on their particular legacy for generations that are in fact still living to see their heroes be made directly into monsters through revisionism.

But the destruction associated with heroes goes even deeper than historical rewrites.

Leftists are also focusing on the very foundations of brave archetypes and mythologies simply by attacking heroic representations in our society. They are seeking to replace the nature of heroism by hijacking cultural pillars plus erasing beloved stories plus characters in order to “ reboot” them in the image of the particular leftist cult. This is usually accomplished under the cover of “ diversity and equity” as a way to obscure the true agenda. Let’s break down the strategies and motives behind this trend…

Rewriting Heroes To “ Reflect Our Modern Era”

Woke ideology does not reflect our own modern era in any way; it really is a masked version of the old social models of collectivism and communism, specifically the social Marxism displayed simply by Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The only real difference is today we now have online struggle sessions plus corporations are fully on-ship with the movement. When leftists claim they are fighting the device, they have no idea what this really means.

Leftists use the reflection debate all the time to justify the particular gutting of hero mythologies and replacing them with vapid clones. A recent example will be the latest Amazon release of their Lord Of The Rings prequel series. I wrote about this extensively months ago within my article  ‘ Amazon’s Woke Lord Of The Rings Is The Death Rattle Of Social Justice Content. ‘   To summarize, the new Lord of The Rings is designed to spread a political information and undermine the values of the past rather than tell a meaningful organic story that pays homage in order to Tolkien. Amazon even released their woke Lord from the Rings on the anniversary associated with Tolkien’s death.

Sometimes the propaganda is usually subtle, and sometimes it’s a train wreck in your encounter.

Specifically, I actually examined the political left’s obsession with injecting their own Cultural Marxism into every single new entertainment product as a means to saturate the mass media space with their ideology. If they say they want to rehash old stories and old heroes but write them to “ reflect the world of today, ” what they are really doing is usually erasing past ideals and principles and eliminating selection. They don’t want you to view the world from different points of view; you are only allowed to see it from THEIR perspective. This is the exact opposite great story telling.

Diversity As A Crutch And A Cudgel

Diversity is worthless. It serves no purpose in terms of heroic representations. People identify with actions plus deeds and principles, not really skin color. Leftists in The show biz industry do not actually care about variety of skin color, they just care about two things – Using minorities as a crutch to justify poor storytelling and lazy productions, and using minorities as a cudgel or weapon when they face criticism.

That is to say, if they make garbage media with no imagination or effort, they will announce “ we obtained diversity, though, ” and this is supposed to make you want to view their products anyway, otherwise you may be “ racist. ” Simply by extension, when you dare to criticize the political pontificating and terrible writing in their media, they can then state “ our stories are fantastic, you just don’t like all of us because we hire brown people. ” See how that works? They use minorities as a protect, either for their ineptitude or even their malicious intent, however they DO NOT care about such people if they can’t exploit them.

“ Diversity and inclusion” is the new slave plantation that leftist elites in Hollywood value to farm virtue points and ESG loans. That’s all of there is to it. If they actually respected the idea of presenting diverse heroes, they would create unique minority heroes and write them well. Or, they might pick minority heroes through real history and avoid implanting current day woke politics into that era.

Narcissists Can’t Compose Heroes

It has long been my a contentious that the leftist ideology is rooted in appeals to narcissism. Everything about it is based in entitlement rather than sacrifice. It really is based in demands for specific treatment rather than respect to get accomplishment and merit. It is based in equity of result while eliminating equality of opportunity. A person that has embraced the victim mentality can never be a hero or envision how a hero would work. They have no relationship towards the concept, because narcissists are often villains in the real world plus villains tend to see them selves as victims while they spend their time victimizing others. How else can they justify the evils they do?

Simply no Conservative Heroes Allowed

As the media world was overrun with woke ideologues through the years the depictions of heroes and villains have become utterly twisted. Heroes act selfishly with ego and hubris, and villains are usually portrayed as either misunderstood people that are only reacting to the trespasses of society, or they are ridiculous exaggerations of conservatives and liberty activists. This particular trend has become an crisis in films, television, video games, comic books, etc . Just in the past couple of years has presently there been mass push-back contrary to the agenda, but there is a good way to go before things can transform for the better.

Many of these woke productions fall short miserably, but they aren’t necessarily interested in box office success or making money. Again, the actual care about is saturation, along with murdering the hero archetype openly where everyone can easily see. They want to destroy your heroes in front of you and replace them with woke pod people. This is exactly what drives them.

The biggest problem is that most conservatives ignored the culture battle while only focusing on fleeting political battles. They served as if the culture war didn’t matter, and in the procedure we have almost lost the country completely. Future decades need heroic ideals plus examples to live by, amongst real live people along with in popular media. Simply by ignoring the culture war, conservatives ignored the future.

There are some people out there that are working to change our country’s course by producing initial media with a heroic message based in American foundations associated with freedom, individualism, self dependence and meritocracy. I’m working to join them by making my own graphic novel task based on a survivalist leading man. The best we have is Burt Gummer from Tremors – He’s great but we require more. Readers who are interested in original non-woke entertainment can learn  more about that will project HERE.

It’s important not to undervalue the power of media within culture. There is a reason why leftists are so obsessive with it; by changing all our heroes to villains they hope to change our values and our behaviors. They tend to be not just rewriting movies, or characters, or comic textbooks, they are trying to rewrite all of us.

The only way to stop this is to identify the danger, neutralize the propaganda, and then bring back legitimate hero tradition by writing it once more with our own hands and our own deeds.

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