October 1, 2022

Den of Corruption: Biden Employs John Podesta to Supervise $370B in ‘Green Energy Spending’

If you oppose this den of problem then you’re a MAGA terrorist.

The Whitened House announced Friday that they are hiring Clintonista political crack John Podesta to supervise a whopping $370 billion within federal spending on “ eco-friendly energy. ”

Biden might as well possess hired Hunter for the work.

From  the New York Times, “ Biden, Remaking Climate Group, Picks John Podesta to Guide Spending” :

President Biden will appoint John Podesta, a veteran Washington insider who spearheaded the Obama administration’s weather strategy, to oversee the particular federal investment of $370 billion in clean energy under a landmark new climate law.

As being a senior adviser to Mr. Biden on clean energy innovation, Mr. Podesta may shape how the government disperses billions of dollars in tax credits and incentives to industries that are developing blowing wind and solar energy, as well as to consumers who want to install solar panels, warmth and cool their houses with electric heat penis pumps or buy electric vehicles.

In addition to their time in the Obama administration, Mr. Podesta, 73, served because chief of staff to President Bill Clinton plus was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign for president in 2016. He or she founded the Center for United states Progress, a left leaning think tank, and is at this point chairman of its board. From that perch, Mr. Podesta has informally been guidance the Biden administration, pushing the White House to act more aggressively on weather change.

In bringing on Mr. Podesta, Mr. Biden continues to encompass himself with veterans associated with past Democratic administrations, outdated hands who can step into difficult positions without on-the-job coaching.

Make sure you remember while you’re getting murdered at the pump that the Biden regime’s cronies are cashing in with hundreds of billions within “ green energy” scams as they drive energy prices through the roof by assisting endless war in Ukraine and ban the importation of dirt cheap Russian oil and gas.

If you oppose this den associated with corruption then  most likely a MAGA terrorist.

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