September 29, 2022

Hilarious! 1950s Feminist Meets Woke 2022 Feminist

Brilliant sketch highlights exactly how left transformed female empowerment movement into a “woke” anti-family cult.

The Tik Tok video heading viral depicts a pair of feminists, one from the 1950s and the other from 2022, conference each other for the first time.

As the 2022 feminist fills in the 1950s feminist of all of the “ progress” made in the long run, it becomes clear that the feminist movement is no longer about female empowerment.

“ What about my husband? Is he amazing? ” asks the particular 1950s feminist.

“ What? No . You are not married. You live alone together with your cat, ” the 2022 feminist replies.

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“ You do date though — a lot. You can just have sex with whoever, whenever you need, ” she adds. “ Just pick them from this app. ”

“ That sounds kinda gross actually… How about pregnancy? ” the 1955s feminist asks.

2022 feminist: “ Also, there’s this magic pill you take – completely wrecks your hormones – but it keeps you from getting pregnant so you can, you know, knock some boots. ”

“ The tablet is magic? ” the particular 1950s feminist asks.

“ Well, it’s mainly effective, but don’t worry, if by chance you need to do get pregnant, you can totally just kill the baby by having an child killingilligal baby killing, ” the 2022 feminist notes.

“ Why would I do that?! ” the horrified 1955s feminist asks.

“ So you can get back to function. Duh! ” the 2022 feminist says. “ Someone has to fill that cubicle space. ”

This hilarious sketch illustrates how the left transformed a female empowerment movement into a “ woke” corporate-run anti-male plus anti-family cult.

This comes as more and more ladies are waking up to the rip-off that is modern feminism, which usually prioritizes transgender individuals over biological women, abortions plus work over families, and “ equity” over identical civil rights.

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