October 2, 2022

Royce White: An Open Letter to Joe Biden

We Are Not Fascists: A Response to Joe Biden’s ‘Soul of a Nation’ Speech in Philadelphia

Dear Joe,

My name is Royce White. I’m an American resident, born and raised within the 32nd state of the partnership. I’m a Christian, I am a Black man plus yes I am a MAGA Republican.

Although given the current condition of politics, it may not end up being fair to call us Republicans at all.   You will find no Democrats or Conservatives anymore, Only Globalists plus Nationalists.   With this day I feel more concerned than ever about the future of this country. Yet for many factors I feel equally blessed. I don’t believe I could’ve been born or lived towards a more fitting time for the way God built me. All the forces of evil, all the spirit of corruption, has coalesced into a megalithic endangering ball with spikes plus an AI guidance program. This evil, this data corruption infects all our establishments, starting with the church and after that the academies, and  our own politics downstream from this kind of moral hazard. It has left blood across the entire width of our society.

While such an view is certainly grim, still it offers the circumstance for men with sacred honor and national honor, to stand in testimony of the truth. To deal with witness under one of the greatest bonuses to remain silent. That incentive isn’t the barrel of a gun or the blade of a knife, but the threat of the government that doubles plus triples down on lies. This is where I find myself here at home, at peace and in my natural way. This is actually the greatest honor I could hope for. The fact that the highest office of the land is entrenched in this set of lies, is just a bonus. Not only do I get to endure witness, but the stakes could not get any higher.   You have betrayed any office you currently hold, you might have betrayed the oath a person took, you have betrayed the particular American people. You have betrayed America herself.   You are not the President states, but a traitor towards the republic. Now on national television, under a beautiful evening of sky made to look specifically ominous by a dramatic background of red lights, you double down on this treachery and tell the American people that MAGA republicans are domestic terrorists. Artifice!

I write this with the full understanding, that will given your speech last night, this letter may in fact land me in the crosshairs of the next DOJ witch-hunt. I go forward anyway since the surrendering of our right and need to speak the truth, will be the very point where America ceases to be what it was designed to be. Although I find your speech last night to be dishonest in the most overall way imaginable, and therefore totally illegitimate, I still feel a sense of obligation to go on the record and reflect a more genuine perspective from somebody on our side. Our side getting the side of America, not really the fictitious MAGA boogeyman you portrayed us because last night.  

We are not fascists. We are not terrorists or extremists. We believe in God, as well as country. You and your globalist puppeteers don’t believe in God or family, so it’s easy to understand why you don’t believe in having a nation.   We believe in aquiring a country. We believe in having a nation. That does not make us fascists… In fact , it’s the precise opposite. The nation-state offers an essential identity, which legitimizes our  citizenship   and thus substantiates the individual rights. These legal rights are guaranteed by the metabolism. They were not given to all of us by the government. They were talented to us by the inventor. Of which the constitution simply guarantees said rights, whilst also enshrining the inventor as the soul source of them. Albeit, American freedom plus God are inextricably connected. Not that people aren’t liberated to not believe in God as well as hate God, but the spine of American freedom is usually God. Surely someone in an office such as that of Leader must understand that. So the christofascism claim constantly made by the particular liberal establishment and it’s zealots is a nonstarter. Which is indicated in many of the counter arguments for feminism, LGBTQism plus racism. These grievance national politics are the foundation upon which your own tyrannical speech rested.

All the philosophical and legal fundamentals of The united states you understand well. This is exactly what you and your co-conspirators mean to undo-options. What’s ironic, is using phrases and words such as “ America, Freedom, Democracy or We The folks, ” to disguise your own desires as anything aside from what they truly are… Tyranny. This has always been the plan. This has always been the design — Channel people into the “ hawk-gates” with lies and misinformation, then tell them if they don’t think like the authority of The Condition, they are un-American. Or even even worse still, because you people just can’t help yourselves, you declare that anybody who voted to get a country, is a threat to democracy. The audacity of it is quite awe inspiring. So wish at war with The State now… Great. I’m happy it’s out in the open so we can get on with it. Individually I don’t like the sit around and wait online game that’s been play for generations. Let the record reflect that not everybody in this time who had been MAGA, agreed with each and every thing Donald Trump mentioned and did, nor should we.

However , we do realize that our political system is continuing to grow into a complex interplay of opposition and controlled opposition. And under such conditions, we do our best to separate the signal from the noise. Setting our sights at the goal of retaining the sovereignty of our nation, nationality and individual rights. Basically what I’m saying is… you can raid Mar-a-Lago… you are able to create all the special commissions and committees to that you would like to prosecute patriots… This isn’t regarding one man, who you’ve so desperately tried to become a scapegoat. This isn’t about a single set of ideas. This movement is about the American individuals making the decision to have a country. Plain and simple. Making the decision to have a nation and that nation be one nation, under God, indivisible along with liberty and justice for all those. One Nation! Under God! Donald Trump didn’t select us… we chose your pet. We will continue to support him so long as his actions reflect those values. Your cheap tricks against Donald Trump, may work for some, but those individuals are not your opponent… we have been.

We always knew your hatred for Donald Trump, was really a hatred harbored to get We The People. Manifested many visibly when his ability to rally us against a person is displayed. However imperfect that rally point might be in your corrupt eyes, it does not take rally that you truly dislike. Let’s not pretend the message, coming from a more “ palatable” person, would fulfill you and end your rejection of the ideas themselves. It’s the ideas that you hate, not really Donald Trump. Your make an effort to manufacture a consent amongst the populous, to unconstitutionally and unjustifiably weaponize the office of president and the entire weight of United States federal government against us, is absolutely despicable. It’s exactly why the MAGA motion started in the first place. The impetus toward real tyranny and fascism is coming from you. It will backfire just like it has continued to for quite some time now. The Free Individuals are rising. The lies have become more obvious with every passing day. Praise be in order to God!

Create America Great Again, is not a call to take this country backwards in race relations. This has been a focal point that you and the liberal business media, has consistently attempted to sell the American people. As if the only thing in America’s history was racism. Such a thing to teach our teenagers? How anti-American is that? No one reasonable in the MAGA movement denies the reality of racism in America’s history. We all dispute what political root base that racism stemmed from and the nature of   it’s existence today. Yet never mind that component, because the premise itself attempts to draw more focus in order to race relations than any issue on or under the table.   As a Black man this offends me Joe . Don’t use my skin color as a way to manipulate and mislead the United states people. There are other pertinent problems far greater than racism on this country. Issues that pertain to the entirety of racial demographics, as well as any and all other demographics of American citizens.

First I must qualify the fact that trajectory of America internationally,   and our competition relations here at home are usually two separate trajectories. Just a fool would have trouble since. But our society is becoming foolish around many important issues. Yes there was a period when Black people were treated as less than. Yes which was a grave moral error. But it was an error that will globalists had a firm turn in — If not a leading hand. And it’s those same guiding hands that tell Blacks today, the development of globalism will produce different results now compared to it did before. Many of us know the truth, some of keep in mind the score.   There was a brief moment when America was the center of manufacturing.   When our sovereignty as being a nation was underwritten plus insured by our self-sufficiency.   In fact , several working class Blacks assisted America achieve this prosperity. What we should wanted, was to be seen since Americans. What we wanted, was to judged by the articles of our character. What we wanted was the full recognition of our citizenship — Not provide our citizenship away. All of us didn’t want to surrender the blood sweat and holes of our ancestors, for Uniparty globalists to broker within the international market like chicken bellies. We didn’t want to trade away the value of the very citizenship we fought to be recognized. What sense might that make? The average Black person may not see the insult or even absurdity of it yet, but when they figure it out, the last thing you’ll need to be concerned about is certainly white nationalism. That I may promise you.

The issue here is and has been, our citizenship. The value of that will citizenship and any attempts to undermine it. Jooxie is talking about the working course, Joe. Remember us? Keep in mind the little guy? The spine of this country? Who underwrites the entire American experiment, which allows for you and the corrupt top notch of capital hill in order to prance about the world with such brashness?   This is about Globalism vs . Nationalism. Racism is an afterthought.   And when you actually think about it, I guess this inadvertently adds a lot of clarity towards the historical race relations discrepancy doesn’t it?   The ultimate expression of globalism was the slave trade.   Open borders plus free trade are in impact a slave trade of the asymmetrical nature, Joe. The enslavers of 1860 had been DEMOCRATS. Today’s open  boundary, child sex trafficking plus drugs, are equally the particular policies of DEMOCRATS. I can see now, nothing actually changed. Slavery is slavery  Joe.

Exactly how stupid do you think we are? Along with your globalism comes the  drug trade.   Which is a public/private partnership, and always has already been. Opium, Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Opiates, Fentanyl, Psychotropic, etc . And last but not least, ol faithful, the expansionist military industrial complex. All of which seem to be the new platform of the Democrat party. Unconstraint labor pours across open borders. Unlimited drugs from China, Mexico or Big Pharma and proxy wars in Eastern Europe or the Middle Eastern. These are classic Democrat, or should I say UNIPARTY… or even should I say Globalist… national politics. We have been sold out by a person political and corporate elites. In a way that has a jackboot firmly on the neck of all functioning class Americans of every competition and otherwise. Not just nowadays either, a jackboot consciously placed on the neck of American citizens in perpetuity. You would like us to be serfs. You would like us to surrender to some nationless world where the loan consolidation of power becomes amplified. Unbound by the scope of our constitution. Where our citizenship no longer has any link with it’s roots of American freedom. Providing no protection from the sycophantic pipe dreams of egalitarian jerk-offs in Europe and beyond. We view the game, we know the perform.   We will not really renounce our citizenship. We will not renounce America. We are going to not renounce God.   We will stand in testimony of the truth and bear witness. The war you just declared in that talk was not against extremists or white nationalists, or MAGA, or Donald Trump, but against countrymen who rely on their country. American patriots, Christian warriors, who like the spartans of Greece, do want to become a tributary condition to the God-King Xerxes or maybe the Persian empire. We will not really become a tributary State in order to China, The CCP through way of Davos. Or the technocratic, great reset, build back again better, anti-God, transhumanism it prescribes.

Past the political implications of borders and the nation state. Beyond the value of our nationality or the importance of our American heritage and ideals…   Spiritually, the nation condition and borders provide a physical constraint or limitation upon man’s ambition to rule the   world . It is one of man’s few inventions that has huge spiritual benefit along with proper leadership and statesmanship. It at least checks the arrogant desire to conquer the entire world —   as if in doing so we could become Our god. There is only one true Our god. We also see with clear eyes, that this announcement of war is really towards His kingdom and it’s righteousness. MAGA is just a slogan most likely using as cover to state anyone with faith, in this country or in God, is now considered by The State to become a fascist. The Post World War II Liberal Order, has non-stop used Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany, as a cornerstone frighten tactic to promote Globalism. As though the Nation State is automatically an inevitable conduit associated with tyranny. But who right now stands before the American people with two marines, and reports certain people as others or enemies of The Condition, in the name of a political agenda? Artifice!

Also Joe, what have you completed? Bring it on Tyrant.

Royce Alexander White

Future Chief executive of The United States

P. H. When you say the “ Mainstream Republicans” are people you’ve worked with many times… We believe you. That’s the UNIPARTY you’re referring to. The particular MAGA movement has rightly identified this alliance since the ultimate purveyors of a damaged status quo. Centrists! When you say “ Mainstream Republicans”, you mean the controlled opposition that always seems to bend the particular knee eventually. The “ Mainstream Republicans”, are Democrats. Wait until the masses of working class Hispanics and Blacks realize that the Republican Celebration has two options, one of them wasn’t behind the battle on drugs, the war on terror and now the particular war on our currency.

Free People of The united states,


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