September 29, 2022

WEF Vultures Are Actively Sabotaging Civilization

The collapse of global community is intentional

Just how much from the Great Reset has already dug its blood-soaked talons straight into modern civilization?

The signs of sabotage are numerous and widespread as the vultures of Great Reset tyranny circle a sickened plus angered populous that is on track for a mass starvation event in the very near future.

People from france President Emmanuel Macron’s nation has been flooded with the United Nation’s self-proclaimed Replacement Migration regardless of what the propaganda denying its existence would have you believe.

Macron is now priming the water pump for energy crises plus food shortages as the WEF once again tightens its grip on the neck of the French people.

Disgraced California Governor Gavin Newsom has said the quiet component out loud, pushing California towards a goal of zero emissions by 2035 and 30% or even 14 million of California’s drivers into electric automobiles within 4 years.

Currently, there are roughly one million driving electric vehicles in the Golden State of Liberal lunacy.

Meanwhile Biden clumsily keeps the UN Agenda 2030 narrative going. Claiming that millions of Us citizens are fascists. When Biden himself has blazed an unprecedented trail torching our own constitutional republic and focusing on the family.

Not just are the Globalist psychopaths goals harmful to humanity. They are unattainable fantasies driven by top notch madness. A pointless craziness we must all endure within varying degrees as the sabotage of human civilization continues to lurch from the darkness.

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