September 28, 2022

DCCC Chair: Midterms Are ‘About Mainstream Versus MAGA’

“In some other words, this is not Republicans versus Democrats. This is mainstream Conservatives and Democrats versus MAGA extremists, ” says Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Panel (DCCC) chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N. Con. )  claimed the midterm election is about “ mainstream” Republicans and Democrats compared to MAGA movement.

“ Fox Information Sunday” guest host Paul Emanuel noted that May well Biden tried to draw the distinction between MAGA Conservatives and the “ mainstream GOP”, but “ he upset a lot of folks in the process. ”

“ There’s nothing the president said upon Thursday that has not already been said by leading very conservative and Republicans, ” Maloney responded, referring to individuals the particular Republican base would contact “ RINOs” (Republican Within Name Only).

“ I mean, with the president stated is exactly what people like Determine Luttig said. It’s exactly what people like Vice Leader Mike Pence and Steve Bolton have said. If you listen to comments from previous presidential nominees like Mitt Romney. ”

“ In other words, this is not Conservatives versus Democrats. This is mainstream Republicans and Democrats vs MAGA extremists, ” Maloney noted. “ This selection is about mainstream versus MAGA. I’m proud that we have a president that knows from wrong. ”

Maloney went on to explain the Washington establishment is united in trying to bring down the “ extreme” populist Make America Great Again movement.

“ Conservatives and the Democrats are in big part in agreement it is the MAGA movement that is severe, that has ripped away reproductive freedom, that justifies the particular attack on the Capital, that will plays footsie with  whitened supremacists, and cue in on conspiracy theorists. Which is what the president was referring to. ”

Maloney’s characterization of the MAGA motion is deceptive and unethical at best.

The whole reason Donald Trump gained an upset victory within 2016 was precisely because the “ mainstream” Republicans and Democrats had put America down the path of widespread illegal immigration, outsourcing job opportunities overseas, reckless spending, unlimited wars, and indifference in order to China.

To this day, “ mainstream” Republicans and Democrats agree on most “ present thing” issues, like Ukraine, the Great Reset and the war on energy, more reckless spending, and COVID guidelines.

That’s why Trump’s popularity is usually exploding amongst disenchanted Hispanic and dark voters who realize these types of policies are not helping them.

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