September 29, 2022

Narrative Shift: Now Biden Says MAGA ‘Proposals’ A Danger To ‘Soul’ of America

After fierce backlash over divisive speech, Biden administration shifts talking point from demonizing Trump supporters to assaulting Trump’s common sense policy platform.

In the wake of intense backlash following their divisive speech declaring battle on Trump supporters, the Biden administration has moved its messaging to instead attack “ MAGA plans. ”

“ MAGA proposals really are a threat to the very spirit of this country, ” Biden tweeted Sunday without elaborating.

The new messaging is a notable shift given simply days before Biden said: “ Donald Trump plus MAGA Republicans are a danger to the very soul of this country. ”

White House senior adviser  Keisha Lance Bottoms reiterated Biden’s new talking point   on Sunday, claiming the particular “ hate-filled” MAGA plan “ has no place in the democracy” without explaining exactly what its policies are.

As one Twitter consumer pointed out, the Make The united states Great Again platform advocated by Trump includes numerous common sense policy stances, including secure borders, energy self-reliance, parental rights in educational institutions, and law and order.

But does the MAGA agenda really have no place in a democracy if the most of Americans support it?

The crowd size at Trump’s latest rally may offer an indication from the MAGA agenda’s popularity.

Numerous polls show most Americans want secure borders , energy independence , parental rights in educational institutions, and legislation and order .

Thus, by Whitened House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s own logic , that would imply the Biden administration itself is “ extreme” given it’s against what the most of Americans want.

But Biden had little choice but to fine-tune his anti-MAGA narrative after massive backlash even from the likes associated with CNN and The Wa Post .

“ I think that if this was a speech to unify the American people, it had just the opposite effect, ” said Rep.   Michael McCaul  (R-Texas) on Sunday.   “ It basically condemned all Conservatives who supported Donald Trump in the last election. That’s over 70 million people. Saying Republicans are a threat to democracy is really a slap hard. ”

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