October 2, 2022

Biden Says ‘Computer Chip’ Shortage ‘Biggest Reason’ For Inflation in Wacky Speech

Puppet president furthermore screamed and shook their fist a lot railing towards “MAGA Republicans. “

Joe Biden made weird claims during a speech within Wisconsin, claiming that computer chips in automobiles is the biggest reason for sustained high inflation in the U. Ersus.

“ The biggest reason [inflation] was so high is due to the cost of automobiles. Do you know why they cost so much? Because they didn’t have the computer chips to make the automobiles, ” Biden told the crowd throughout the “ Laborfest” event within Milwaukee.

Though a shortage of computer chips is significantly contributing to higher car costs, they don’t cause inflation.

Inflation is brought on by excessive government spending facilitated by the Federal Reserve’s unlimited money-printing powers, not car prices.

Put simply, inflation drove up car prices. Car prices did not drive up inflation.

But now we can include “ computer chips” to Biden’s crazy list of causes of inflation.

In past times, Democrats have blamed inflation on many different things, which includes:

However the overwhelming majority of Americans, nevertheless , blame pumpiing on one person: Joe Biden and his spending policies.

To his credit, Biden himself at one point accepted his own “ American Save Plan” legislation exacerbated rising inflation.

However it appears he forgot all about that.

Somewhere else in his speech, Biden proclaimed victory over “ Pharma” in reducing drug costs, and once again condemned “ MAGA Republicans” as “ threats to democracy”, which usually got him heckled again:

Watch Biden’s full remarks:

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