October 2, 2022

BLM Chapters Accuse Parent Organization’s Leader Of Millions In Fraud: Lawsuit

A  lawsuit  filed on Thursday night in Los Angeles Superior Courtroom accuses Black Lives Issue (BLM) and its leader, Shalomyah Bowers, of using foundation funds as his “ personal piggy bank” and acting as a “ fake administrator” and a “ center man turned usurper. ” Bowers, who became mind of the Black Lives Issue Global Network Foundation within April, and is accused […]#@@#@!!

lawsuit   filed on Thursday within Los Angeles Superior Court accuses Black Lives Matter (BLM) and its leader, Shalomyah Bowers, of using foundation funds as his “ individual piggy bank” and performing as a “ rogue administrator” and a “ middle guy turned usurper. ”

Bowers, who became head of the Dark Lives Matter Global System Foundation in April, and is accused of  having to pay millions to his own Bowers Consulting Firm , and also diverting funds from a brand new group called Black Lifestyles Matter Grassroots, Inc. – a coalition of BLM chapters.

In total, over $10 million associated with donors’ money was siphoned by Bowers, including  $2, 167, 894 paid in order to Bower’s firm in 2021, the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit seeks damages and restitution, in addition to a temporary restraining order in order to block the foundation from using BLM accounts, or its website.

Bowers told the  NY Posting   the lawsuit is nothing more than a power grab by disgruntled activists who want to wrest control of the particular movement, including California Condition University Pan-African Studies professor Melina Abdullah.

The possessions that we built, the money, the social media platforms as well as the name ‘ Black Lifestyles Matter’ have been taken from all of us and are under the control of professionals , ” said Abdullah, BLM Grassroots director along with a co-founder of the BLM Los Angeles chapter.

BLM Grassroots premiered three months ago, records show. It claims to represent BLM chapters across the country.

The new group was founded in California in May by Walter Mosley, the lawyer who furthermore drafted the lawsuit towards Bowers , according to court papers.   Mosley   formerly represented Black Chyna in a suit against Kim Kardashian in 2018. -NY Post

In courtroom papers, Abdullah is described as having been “ engaged in user-friendly protest simultaneous to the online activism of the three co-founders, ” whatever that means.

“ It’s the most insane point I’ve read in a court pleading, and it’s signed below penalty of perjury when they know it’s a lie, ” said Bowers, who told the  Post   that the Foundation has undergone audits which have a tendency show $10 million going to him or his firm.

“ We are in the process of correcting points, of fixing things plus dealing with disgruntled people who want to take over the group, ” he or she continued.

The lawsuit comes several weeks after BLM founder  Patrice Cullors stepped lower   among reports of extensive property purchases, as well as internal criticism over the foundation’s operations. The girl named two organizers since interim executives – however months later both individuals said they never in fact acted in those functions due to an inability to achieve an agreement over the scope of their positions.

According to the BLM Grassroots lawsuit,   Bowers – who had been managing the administration under Cullors, took control of the procedure,   shutting away the grassroots chapters.

“ We’re requesting accountability, ” said BLM Grassroots director of procedures, Angela Austin, who added that the local chapter was  locked out of the social media accounts   after the killing of Meat Lyoya in Grand Rapids, and that they had been given no dedication from BLM for continuing funding.

“ We’re fighting for the spirit of Black Lives Matter, ” said Abdullah. “ Black Lives Matter is one of the people who birthed and constructed it. ”

As  United states Thinker ‘ s Rajan Laad notes:

While Bowers is  claiming purity , it would not be unexpected if he did certainly profit from BLM. Despite their claims, BLM seems to myself founded for solely pecuniary gains.

BLM is a perfect instance of how modern liberalism functions as an extremely lucrative business model.   BLM merely expanded on the extortion business model of veteran race hustler ‘s Sharpton, which is ‘ give us your money else we’ll brand you racist, ‘ but did it on a much larger scale.   Al Sharpton must feel like a worn-out pair of shoes in the bottom cabinet of a shoe case.

Black Lives Matter ” began as a tendency on social media , within 2013 following Trayvon Martin’s death. Soon it progressed into a slogan used by ‘ protestors’ across the US.

In the death of  George Floyd   in 2020, BLM saw their biggest opportunity to take the ‘ movement’ to the next level and become the sole arbiters in matters of race.   In parallel, BLM carried out ‘ protests’, which were actually riots all over America.

Dozens of people were killed and numerous others injured and  thousands of companies and properties ,   many minority-owned , were looted, torched, or otherwise vandalized.  

Axios   revealed that the total covered property losses incurred during the riots are between  $1 to $2 billion dollars dollars . The actual amount including losses of uninsured property must be considerably higher.

That must not need mattered to BLM.   For BLM, the riots were a promotional event that caused their coffers to be overflowing.

BLM was supported with the Democrats and their propagandists in the media because they can blame the riots upon Trump and benefit from it politically.   The Democrats, too, saw this as an opportunity to raise funds.

The noise developed such a frenzy that anybody who was anybody began giving to BLM

Hollywood stars   such as Angelina Jolie, Sam Carell, Seth Rogen, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Reynolds, etc . donated in order to BLM.

A few stars even  bailed out BLM rioters   who were taken directly into custody.

Large tech firms such as Search engines committed $12 million. Facebook and Amazon donated $10 million. Apple pledged  $100 million , and so did Walmart.   Target pledged   $10 million while House Depot announced    $1 million .

BLM didn’t create any verifiable promises; their particular goal was unstated, esoteric, and symbolic which ensured they could keep collecting without any oversight.

Rich donors didn’t confirm how their donations were spent. Their sole purpose of donating was to be considered to be among ‘ the good ones’. It was also like protection cash to prevent BLM thugs from banging at their doors.

Ultimately, BLM managed  to produce $90m in just one year   over the death associated with George Floyd.

Read the filing beneath:

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