October 2, 2022

Guy Buys ‘Stolen’ Dominion Voting Machine On eBay, States Feds Haven’t Bothered to Contact Him About Purchase

Condition of Michigan didn’t know voting machine was missing until eBay buyer reached out to them.

An eBayer stumbled on the listing of a lifetime when he found a Dominion voting machine up for auction which was supposedly used in the 2020 presidential election.

Connecticut resident Harri Hursti says he bought the ballot-marking machine just for $1, 200 when this individual saw it listed on the online auction site, reportedly posted by a seller who discovered the machine through a local Goodwill store in Michigan.

The computer programmer and cybersecurity expert says on purchasing the item, he immediately informed “ authorities” who seem to advised him against opening the box in which it was delivered, however they haven’t reached back again out to him since last Monday.

A message to Hursti from Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office stated, “ Thank you again for getting this to our attention… We now have determined this device originated in one of our jurisdictions. The legislation has now reported the device to law enforcement as stolen. ”

The uncommon item, featuring a “ Dominion Voting” label, was outlined on eBay by Kansas Uber driver Ean Hutchison, who says he was your only bidder for the machine in an online auction hosted by a local Goodwill shop in Cadillac, Michigan; he or she won the auction pertaining to $8.

Right after receiving the machine, Hutchison listed it last month on eBay for a starting bid of $250, with a $1, 200 “ Buy This Now” price, which allows bidders to bypass the auction and purchase the item outright.

“ I have a knack for finding hidden gems actually cheap and turning a fast profit, ” Hutchison told CNN.

In his listing, Hutchison described the item as: “ Dominion ImageCast X voting machine through Michigan, own a piece of background. This machine voting machine was one of thousands used in the 2020 US presidential election. ”

“ As far as I was aware, it was a completely legal purchase on my end, ” Hutchison said.

In a statement to CNN, an eBay representative however said the sale of voting machines are not allowed on the site under its prohibition on “ government items, ” and pointed out they would look into the sale plus cooperate with authorities.

Meanwhile, Hursti shows the Everyday Mail “ there is no record” of a stolen voting machine and if that will turns out to be the case it would be the very first ever stolen in US history.

Additionally, the State of Michigan didn’t even know it was missing a voting machine until Hursti reached out to them.

“ He went on to say that it was only after he contacted officials in Michigan in regards to the machine did they recognize it was gone, ” the particular Daily Mail reports.

“ Hursti stated: ‘ It is shocking that only when we started inquiring, “ Does it belong somewhere? ” Only after that, did they realize it had been stolen. ‘”

Handling the issue, Secretary of Condition Benson assured voters the girl office would get to the bottom level of the matter, bizarrely insisting, “ Michigan’s elections are secure. Before every election, we test every device for accuracy. We’ve in no way seen, even with this unauthorized access to machines, any actual evidence of any challenges or even wrongdoing or lack of protection in the process. ”

Benson added so-called “ election deniers” may be accountable, saying, “ What you genuinely have is individuals who don’t seem to understand the technicalities of the elections process or election protection trying to gain access to machines to keep the misinformation alive. ”

In light of the mystery, CNN bizarrely claimed the election machine sale comes “ as individuals have sought to  gain illegal access to election systems  in a futile attempt to prove the  false notion  that the 2020 election was stolen. ”

“ News of the sold machine comes as authorities in Michigan, Colorado and Georgia are probing apparent efforts to gain unauthorized access to voting machines or obtain data from them following the 2020 election, ” CNN wrote, indirectly blaming Trump supporters for the stolen voting machine.

The secretary of state states she’s working with law enforcement to figure out exactly how the machine ended up from Goodwill.

In the meantime, Hursti says he’s still in possession of the machine and that no one has however arrived to pick it up.

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