October 3, 2022

Video clip: MSNBC Declares ALL Republicans “EVIL” And A “Threat To be able to Democray”; Pundit Says “We Are At War”

The fallout of Darth Brandon’s terrible speech becomes apparent

Immediately after Joe Biden’s Darth Brandon’s official statement from the bowels of heck that one half of all voters in America are generally dangerous extremists, MSNBC fell in line behind their beloved leader, with one pundit proclaiming that Republicans are “ evil” and that “ we are at war”.

MSNBC provider Tiffany Cross used your ex platform to hammer residence the message from last week’s blood red movie theater performance, dialling up the abteilung another notch, stating “ Obviously, Republicans are, I do believe, the biggest threat to democracy. We don’t separate right-wing extremists and Republican Gathering anymore. ”

Cross made it clear of which she considers “ famous, establishment Republicans are responsive these calls for violence.   All but threatening it. ”

In the exact show she declared which it feels like a civil battle has “ already began. ”

During the exact same segment, Cross AGREED the moment pundit Roland Martin stated “ We are at conflict with these people. These folks happen to be evil. ”

“ They have allowed  evil  into their house with Jesse Trump. He has now centric the party. This  evil  is spreading. And when  you are in a war a foot-hold, you have to respond accordingly, ” Martin continued.

“ When the enemy is coming at you  you, aint able to fall down, you can’t break down.   This means war, ” they added.

Matn further asserted that “ It’s about time President Joe Joe biden decided to get tough. It’s about time his advisers stopped simply being weak, and stopped remaining impotent, and not fighting back again again. ”

“ You keep hitting! You keep knocking, ” Martin proclaimed, further labelling conservatives as “ crazed, deranged folks who desire to import evil in every part of our society. ”

After Martin finished his totally not mad or deranged rant, Get across merely stated “ yeah— it’s a scary thing thinking about. Really. ”


Soon after Fox News reported in the outburst, Martin CAPS SECURE ranted on Twitter concerning meeting him for a “ debate”:

Which means this is what happens when a relaxing president calls anyone who disagrees with him politically an important fascist.

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