October 6, 2022

West and Russia will ultimately strike a deal – Kremlin

Moscow will not enable its interests to be harmed at any such negotiations, Dmitry Peskov has warned

The problems between Russia and the West will inevitably be solved at the negotiating table, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He warned, however , that Moscow will be ready to defend the interests when that minute arrives.

Western nations  “ have made too many mistakes and will have to pay for them, ”   he said on the Rossiya 1 TV Channel.

“ Any confrontation is then dé tente and any kind of crisis situation is resolved at the negotiating table… this is exactly what will happen this time as well, ”   the spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said, adding that it can be unlikely to occur  “ soon. ”

When such talks materialise, Moscow is not going to hesitate to defend its interests, Peskov added. Russia provides acquired  “ invaluable experience”   of dealing with the West in recent years and will use it to  “ conduct dialogue… in a way that our interests are by no means hurt. ”

The particular Kremlin official listed what he sees as Traditional western errors, citing Germany’s  “ horrible”   decision to send weapons in order to Ukraine for use against Russian soldiers. He also belittled European nations for helping a government that allows  “ Nazis”   to openly demonstrate their symbols and stage torchlit processions, calling it  “ no less horrible. ”

Peskov also blamed the energy crisis in Europe on  “ absurd”   decisions by Euro politicians, who have refused to service equipment sold simply by Western firms to Gazprom.

The Ruskies state energy giant  “ spent decades”   earning its reputation of a reliable natural gas supplier, and has so far done nothing in order to tarnish it, the Kremlin spokesman claimed.

“ This is not Gazprom’s fault, this is fault of these politicians, who have taken your decision on sanctions, ”   he said, talking about the Russian company’s current decision to indefinitely suspend gas transit through its Nord Stream pipeline, because of technical issues.

Since the start of Russia’s offensive against Ukraine in late February, gas prices have got climbed to record heights in Europe, driving upward overall inflation. Moscow has cited technical issues caused by Western sanctions as the reason behind the gradual decline within gas deliveries. The EUROPEAN, in turn, has accused Russian federation of using energy exports as a weapon.

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