October 3, 2022

Kathy Griffin Suggests Civil Battle Will Erupt if Democrats Don’t Win in Nov

‘Sounds an awful lot such as you’re threatening Americans when they don’t vote Democrat, Kathleen, ‘ remarks Twitter consumer.

A civil war will be waged if people don’t vote for Democrats in November, Trump-hating comedian Kathy Griffin claimed.

In a tweet that was ratioed to oblivion Tuesday, the D-list celebrity said people’s votes in November will decide if the country descends into a “ civil war, ” with detractors labeling her a lunatic for the frantic viewpoint.

“ If you don’t want a Civil Battle, vote for Democrats within November. If you do want City War, vote Republican, ” Griffin, 61, tweeted, simply days after Joe Biden’s infamous anti-MAGA Republican speech declaring Trump supporters “ extremists” and enemies of the state.

The particular tweet prompted many in order to question whether she was engaging in the illegal exercise of voter intimidation .

One Twitter user who claimed to be an independent voter claimed Griffin’s tweet turned him off from a prospective Democrat vote.

Others highlighted how Griffin played a major role within dividing the country during the last presidency.

Torpedoing her career, Griffin produced the ill-fated decision in 2017 to pose meant for photos holding a bloody head resembling President Donald Trump, sealing her destiny as a permanent sufferer associated with Trump derangement syndrome.

Since then she’s taken to shilling for pharmaceutical businesses and virtue-signaling on Twitter about dutifully taking her government-prescribed experimental mRNA injections.

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