September 28, 2022

Katie Hobbs Dodges Debate with Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake within Arizona

Katie Hobbs sees the writing over the wall for Democrats within Arizona

As Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs was responsible for securing Arizona’s elections, and the discovery of massive Democrat fraud, verified by the Arizona audit, shows one of two things – possibly Hobbs is incompetent and failed in her simplest job duties, or the lady played an active role in stealing the state for Joe Biden.

“ In the GOP major debate, instead of talking about how she plans to move our state forward, Kari River brought almost every single answer back to lies about a good election that happened almost two years ago” Nicole DeMont, the Hobbs campaign supervisor,   wrote in the publicly available letter , officially bowing out of Arizona’s debates.

The Hobbs campaign claimed that will because far-left late-night TV shows made fun of Arizona’s GOP debates, she is over appearing on stage with Kari Lake.

Rather than debate format, Hobbs is demanding the Citizens Thoroughly clean Elections Commission switches to some modified town hall, where she can be given scripted interview questions by PBS host Ted Simons. Under this format, Hobbs might avoid any contact with River, and avoid being held accountable to the voters in any genuine sense.

In addition to presiding over Arizona’s 2020 election madness, Hobbs has twice been convicted of racism and discrimination against her own employees, marking an additional issue Kari Lake states the Democrat is hiding from in ducking arguments.

“ Hobbs is so terrified that I may bring up the fact that she is a twice-convicted racist, and that her racism cost Arizona taxpayers nearly $3 million, ” says Kari Lake.

“ Katie, you can’t even sit in a chair next to [Ted Simons] and face me, however you expect the people of Arizona to think you’d stand feet to toe with cartels? Coward, ” Lake tweeted, blasting Hobbs for ducking debates.

According to recent polling data, Kari Lake holds a detailed lead over Hobbs regarding two months ahead of Arizona’s political election day, and things seem to be trending in Lake’s path, as well as in the direction of fellow The united states First GOP candidates in the state.

During  GOP primary period , Arizona’s voters led a historic rebuke from the uni-party political establishment, nominating a slew of  Trump-endorsed   candidates for office, including Blake Masters for US Senate plus Mark Finchem for ARIZONA Secretary of State.

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