September 28, 2022

Merely a Guy In A Rainbow Joe biden 2024 Shirt – YouTuber Admits To Sexually Molesting His Dog

‘I’ve long been just jerking off Donnie, ‘ said member of NELK Boys

Preferred YouTube personality SteveWillDoIt took the bus viral last week for publicly admitting he has been masturbating his male dog.

Stephan “ SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardi, a member of this NELK Boys YouTube station, nonchalantly said during a modern podcast he puts on a good rubber glove and strokes his dog’s penis.

To top off the insane weirdness of the interview, Deleonardi made the admission while proudly sporting the “ Biden 2024” jacket with a rainbow replacing the exact “ E” in Biden.

The YouTuber said his dog is ejaculating all over his household, so he decided to minimize the dog himself in order to stop the mess because he’s set “ to control where the cum goes. ”

“ You go and you generally play like, I like cartoons like Disney, like family-friendly and shit… and Seems just jerking off Donnie [the dog], ” your dog told a shocked podcasting host.

Continuous when he really should have just quit talking, Deleonardi called the react “ strictly business” not to mention “ more of a little work out. ”

Finish his story, no pun intended, the YouTube movie star called himself “ this cool dad” with the k9 as it now “ tastes him better” than his / her live-in girlfriend.

The interview was Deleonardi’s first since he had his own YouTube channel permanently banned last month for violating society guidelines.

This disturbing revelation of beastiality sure makes this “ humourous sketch” posted by SteveWillDoIt a couple of years ago seem like more than just a joke.

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