September 29, 2022

CRUZ: The Federal Reserve Is really a Suicide Bomber

The most powerful institution in america answers to no one in our government.

For many years now I have been examining the policies and behaviors of the Federal Reserve because they are in fact the most powerful institution in america, with far more influence over the fate of America compared to any single president or branch of government.

They have got the power to end the economic life of our country within moments. They hold their particular finger on the button of multiple financial nuclear bombs, and to this day there are people who still pretend as if they are a mere moderating presence subservient to the White House or even Congress.

This can be a fallacy proven by history and the admissions from  central bankers own mouths . The Fed answers to no one in our govt. They answer to a different set of masters, and the blame for the consequences of their policies drops to them and their cohorts.

Last year I actually published an article titled  ‘ The Fed’s Catch-22 Taper Is A Weapon, Not A Policy Error. ‘   In that article I predicted that the Fed would certainly embark on a hiking spree on interest rates in response to inflationary/stagflationary events. I noted that will:

We are now at that stage again where price inflation tied to money publishing is clashing with the share market’s complete reliance on stimulus to stay afloat. There are several that continue to claim the Fed will never sacrifice the markets by tapering. I say the Fed does not actually care, it is only waiting for the right time to pull the particular plug on the US economy. ”

At the time I received plenty of resistance to the idea. The usual disagreement was: “ The given will never raise rates and set stock markets at risk. Precisely why would they destroy the golden goose? ”

This position showcases a typical misconception about the central financial institution and its purpose. You see, a lot of people think the Fed is present to keep the US economy afloat, and specifically to keep share markets afloat. This is wrong. Every single policy of the Given since its inception has become a long train of abuses designed to slowly and clinically whittle down the US economic climate and bring it to the point of extinction.

The next most common argument is: “ Wouldn’t the fed sabotaging the economy eventually eliminate them as well? ”

The answer is YES, and they don’t care. When you have read my previous focus on this issue then you know that the Fed is inexorably tied to the  Bank with regard to International Settlements   (the “ central bank of central banks” ) and that they call the shots in terms of coordinated global financial initiatives. The BIS is really a globalist institution, not an United states one, and its agenda is ideologically globalist in nature. The Fed is a servant of globalism; and if the US economy or our currency need to be brought down by way of a controlled demolition in order to make the globalist dream of a one globe socialist “ Utopia” become a reality, that is exactly what the Fed will do.

I was able to predict that the Fed would continue onward using its interest rate hikes and hawkish position only because I acknowledge what the Fed is really: A suicide bomber. Plus, they have decided the time is definitely ripe to hike interest rates into economic weakness, exactly like they did at the onset of the Great Depression.

At the beginning of the Depression the Fed increased interest rates after years of artificially stimulating markets with low cost debt. This prolonged the deflationary crash for many years after. It was not really until decades later whenever former Fed chair Bill Bernanke  gave the speech   partying economist Milton Friedman’s ninety th   birthday that a central financial institution official finally admitted that this organization was culpable for that Depression debacle.

In short, according to Friedman and Schwartz, because of institutional changes and misdirected doctrines, the banking panics of the Great Contraction had been much more severe and popular than would have normally happened during a downturn.

Let me finish my talk by mistreating slightly my status being an official representative of the Government Reserve. I would like to say in order to Milton and Anna: Concerning the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very i am sorry. But thanks to you, all of us won’t do it again. ” –   Bill Bernanke, 2002

What Ben Bernanke did not admit to is that the engineered deflationary crisis greatly benefited the allies of the Fed – The international corporate bankers. Companies like JP Morgan plus Chase National were suddenly in a prime position to seize unlimited power in the US.

So , they already have done it before, the reason why wouldn’t they do it again?

The next disagreement that I hear constantly would be that the Fed is “ ignorant” and they don’t know what they are carrying out. This is nonsense. Jerome Powell knows EXACTLY what he is carrying out, and here is the proof – In October of 2012 the Fed held a meeting in which  Powell warned   that markets and corporations acquired become addicted to the Fed’s easy money policies. If they decided to taper their stimulus measures and raise rates, there would be potentially disastrous blowback. Powell argued that:

“ … I think we are actually at a point of encouraging risk-taking, and that should give us pause. Investors really do realize now that we will be there to prevent serious losses. It is not that it must be easy for them to make money but that they have every incentive to take more risk, and they are doing this. Meanwhile, we look like we have been blowing a fixed-income timeframe bubble right across the credit score spectrum that will result in big losses when rates appear down the road. You can almost say that that is our strategy. ” – Jerome Powell

As he admitted, it is indeed their technique. Powell was not the Given chairman at the time, so he may not have been aware of the full agenda, but he is certainly aware now. Why would Powell undertake the exact policy actions he once warned might result in a full spectrum implosion of the credit bubble? Most likely because he was told in order to.

Powell knows the history of the Great Depression and knows what will happen when the Fed raises rates in to economic weakness and he is doing it anyway. He already tried a test run of rate hikes back in 2018 and the results were not hard to figure out; markets began to tank. We ought to never forget that the central banking institutions are fully cognizant from the effects of their endeavors. When i stated  back in February :

The rate hikes associated with 2018 were a test operate for a more aggressive plus deliberately engineered crisis later on. The Fed has its very own agenda, it does not care about safeguarding U. S. markets, nor does it even care about safeguarding the U. S. economy in general.

I hold that the Fed is a weapon regarding social and political alter within America and a part of its job is to greatly reduce the standard of living from the population while making it appear as if this decline is a “ natural” consequence of the Oughout. S. System. ”

This prospective customers us to the final query – What happens next?

That’s easy to solution: The fed continues to hike rates well into the coming year and will not reverse training course or capitulate and return to stimulus. The dovish forecasts were wrong. The people that said the Fed would not increase rates were wrong. People that said the Fed would not remove support from share markets were wrong. This method is ongoing and the effects will grow as the weeks pass, but those that were hoping for a manic go back to the days of bailouts plus QE are going to be deeply let down.

This is a stagflationary crash, and as such we are going to feel the worst of both deflationary and inflationary worlds. Costs will remain high while GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT goes negative. Sales will decline and jobs can decline as we enter into the end of this year. There is no way around this. The Fed may have all kinds of theories and misdirections on why these things are usually happening, and they will try to distract the public as much as possible in the meantime.

What the Fed will not do is admit that the crash is happening until it is too late for people to act. They are going to never warn the populace of the dangers and they will in no way tell people to prepare. Watch as they tap dance and tell the public that all the pain is “ transitory. ” Then, watch as the dirt settles and they tell people who “ no one could have seen this coming. ” They have all very predictable, because it’s all been accomplished before.

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