October 3, 2022

Economist: Europeans Are “Mad Along with Anger And it Will Worsen”

Charles Gave blasts frontrunners for “destroying the European economy. “

Predicting that cost of living protests in the Czech Republic and Germany will spread across the continent, a prominent economist warns that European people are “ mad along with anger and it will worsen. ”

On Saturday, over 70, 000 people took to the streets of Prague to requirement an end to weapons products and neutrality regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

Numerous demonstrations are also started take place in major German towns over the next month as energy bills and inflation soar as a result of sanctions on Russia plus over dependence on green power.

“ The demonstrations in Prague plus Germany are only the beginning. The cost of gas and consequently of electrical power are driving the European citizens mad with frustration and it will worsen, ” French economist Charles Gave informed Sputnik.

Provided went on to assert that many Europeans aren’t buying the narrative that the situation, which culminated in the shut down of gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, is Vladimir Putin’s fault.

“ The Western governments and the European Fee speak of a ‘ manipulation’ by Russia, but people perceive very well that the decision to stop importing Russian fuel and oil was a European decision, taken by Brussels with out even thinking of the influence it will have on the European economic climate, ” he said.

The economist blasted European leaders for their infatuation with net zero plus climate change hysteria, that has left the continent completely lacking in self-sufficiency.

“ For the last 15 many years, our European leaders have got gone into a climate craze, promoting magic mirrors and windmills as the solution. It does not work. These solutions demand the same capacity in gasoline power plants, ” Gave said.

The particular economist firmly blamed globalist technocrat leaders for sacrificing the interests of Europeans on the altar of prolonging a war that will cause economic devastation.

“ They [Europeans] even believe that it does not take bad Russians that have closed the tap of gas and oil, while it is our own leaders in Europe that have stupidly imposed these sanctions which are destroying the European economy. We, Europeans, are getting stagflation onto our mind. Before the people realize it, it will be too late. Macron, [German Chancellor Olaf] Scholz, von der Leyen and the like will never admit they were wrong and present excuses, ” he asserted.

Once we highlighted yesterday, police in the UK are preparing for a common “ breakdown in public order” caused by the cost of living turmoil if new Prime Minister Liz Truss doesn’t authorize a big enough government handout.

Truss is placed to freeze all electric bills for at least two years at a cost of hundreds of billions of lbs, an expense that will inevitably be passed on to the taxpayer at a later date.

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