October 1, 2022

‘Everyone Stood But Joe’ – Biden Sits During Wife Jill’s Standing Ovation

Senile puppet president spaces out once again as crowd laughs at his expense

Joe Biden made an additional embarrassing gaffe on Wednesday after he was called out by his spouse Jill for being the only individual to remain sitting during a position ovation ahead of a speech she was set to create.

The incident took place at a reveal of the presidential portraits associated with former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

As a clapping crowd started quieting down, Jill Biden laughed and said, “ Joe. Honestly, everyone stood but Joe. ”

The rest of the crowd chuckled along with Jill and Joe responded by standing up in its final stages and clapping after getting called out.

The brain fart had been only the latest for Tired Joe Biden, a man that will go down in history as Many most senile leader.

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