October 2, 2022

Generous TikTok Teen Goes Virus-like For Making Friends At Trump Rally

‘We experienced incredible kindness, ’ the young man said.

A teen TikTok user known as “ 100NewFriends ” spoke with Fox News this week about his experience at a Memphis, Tennessee Trump rally.

The young man, Samuel Donner, talked with Fox anchor Steve Doocy about how he or she was shocked to be warmly accepted by the Trump supporters he saw vilified as violent and angry by mainstream media.

“ It [Trump rally] actually was much more friendly than I was planning on. Growing up in LA, you think that these events are going to be such as, very aggressive, ” Donner told Doocy.

Continuing, Donner explained he was “ absolutely bewildered that people wanted to talk and actually wanted to be friends with him” when he informed them he’s liberal.

After being questioned if he was amazed to make friends in a audience of Trump supporters, the TikTok user said, “ We’re just trying to find  common ground  between people. And I think at the end of the day, humans possess a lot more common ground than we’re led to believe. When you can start those conversations, it is possible to understand where that common ground is. ”

Donner also stated some of his friends and family users thought he was going into a “ hostile” environment.

However , he told Doocy, “ Overall, everyone was super friendly, ” and certain attendees of the rally showed him “ a ton of empathy. ”

This teen’s experience with Trump supporters shows the media’s incorrect stereotypes of conservatives as close-minded and violent.

Wait until the young man discovers how divisive and intense the left has become!

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