October 5, 2022

Dorrie Bannon Joins Alex Jones After Arrest To Move Patriots For New Revolutionary Battle Of Information

The globalists are going for shattered as humanity wakes up to their dystopian agenda

Steve Bannon joined Alex Jones live via Skype on Fri to give an exclusive interview after his politically motivated police arrest under false charges.

The popular establishment cannot accomplish the goals if folks such as Bannon and Jones are allowed to speak freely, so they’re resorting to weaponizing the judicial system to silence them.

“ Why are they trying to shut down War Area? Why are they trying to, not just place Alex Jones in personal bankruptcy, why are they trying to liquidate every thing around Alex Jones? ” Bannon asked.

Bannon continued, “ They will understand the more that you have around with Infowars and especially with things like ‘ The fantastic Reset’ book where people can read it, and people who by no means heard of Alex Jones or if they have they hate your pet, read it and proceed, ‘ Wow! This guy has been saying this twenty and thirty years ago? ‘”

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