October 3, 2022

Representative. Paul Gosar Calls for an End to ‘Destructive’ Affirmative Actions Policies for Discriminating Against Americans

Trump-endorsed Congressman Paul Gosar blasted racist affirmative activity programs and wide open edges in a scathing series of articles he made to Gab

Arizona Rep. John Gosar is calling for an end to the “ un-American” and “ destructive” yes action policies that openly discriminate against White plus Asian Americans, noting that left-wing racial politics came to affect “ virtually every aspect” of American lifestyle.

America Initial Congressman Paul Gosar talked out against the discriminatory yes, definitely action policies in a post he made to the free speech social media platform Gab. Gosar noted that affirmative action policies not only discriminate against White and Oriental Americans but violate “ our Constitution and our own sense of decency. ”

“ Yes Action is and has already been enormously destructive to America, ” Rep. Gosar (R-AZ-4) wrote in a post to Gab made earlier nowadays, noting that the left-wing racial policy is “ impacting nearly every aspect of our lives. ”

“ Discerning against Whites or Asians is wrong, as is any form of racial discrimination. It violates our laws, the Constitution, and our feeling of decency, ”   Gosar   wrote. “ Affirmative Actions as a practice is un-American and should be abolished. ”

Gosar Gab
Rep. Paul Gosar required an end to discriminatory yes, definitely action policies in this post made to Gab.

Under affirmative action applications, Whites are held to some higher standard than their particular minority peers and co-workers. In many situations, Asian Americans are now being treated as Whites and held to a increased standard than other minority groups, because of their high degrees of academic and work industry achievements.

In Minneapolis, affirmative action has even infected the public college district’s layoff policy. Lately, the district announced that if it downsizes, White teachers would be the first to lose their work, in retribution for claimed “ past discrimination by the district. ”

The Minneapolis teacher’s partnership says it hopes their own anti-White, affirmative action-inspired firing model will be adopted nationwide.

An outspoken leader of the America Initial movement, Rep. Gosar offers sounded off on a amount of issues in recent days, frequently taking to Gab to communicate with his constituents and fellow American individuals.

In one more post made to the platform, Gosar nailed the Biden Regime for its open borders policies, shared a jaw-dropping unlawful immigration statistic, and required “ deportations on a substantial scale. ”

“ Nearly 5 million illegal immigrants have entered our southern border since Biden took office, ” Gosar wrote. “ This country desperately needs an immigration moratorium, along with deportations on a massive scale.

Gosar Immigration
Representative. Gosar called for an migration moratorium in another recent Gab post. The Az Congressman has been blasting the particular radical left and Biden Regime agenda on the free of charge speech platform

“ States possess a right to repel the attack at our southern border, ” Gosar posted in a Gab made over the Work Day weekend, blasting GOP establishment Governors Ducey (AZ) and Abbott (TX) pertaining to bussing illegals deep to the US instead of defending their own states’ sovereignty.

“ We don’t need to become driving illegals further to the country on busses, we have to build the wall, deport them all, and protect the borders. ”

Gosar Illegal Bussing
In another post to Gab, Rep. Gosar blasted the GOP establishment for bussing illegals deeper into America.

Wildly popular in his Arizona district, Rep. Gosar defeated deep-state episodes on his campaign last 30 days to secure re-election to Our elected representatives, as no Democrat actually managed to qualify for the November ballot.

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