October 1, 2022

SNEAK PEEK: The Alex Jones/Andrew Tate Interview Globalists TEND NOT TO Want You to See!

Andrew Tate joins The Alex Jones Show to respond to his massive internet deplatforming. Observe for yourself why the NWO has worked tirelessly to remove both of these champions of liberty from major platforms!

Due to unprecedented high demand, Alex Jones has chosen to release excerpts of his soon-to-premiere interview with Andrew Tate.

Watch and share the following clips and be sure to tune into The Alex Jones Show this Monday (9/12) from 11 a. m. CST to catch the world premiere of this groundbreaking conversation in its entirety!

Exclusive: Andrew Tate Says He Would Destroy Logan Paul In A Fight

Andrew Tate Reveals Exactly what Globalists Will Target Intended for Next False Flag

Andrew Tate: The Great Redemption Is Coming

Andrew Tate: The Great Reset Is Being Used To Destroy The Western

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