October 1, 2022

Tesla Car Tells Owner to Avoid Charging During Evening Hrs

Tesla vehicle tells drivers to ‘avoid charging during higher price evening hours between 4-9PM’

A Tesla proprietor in California was puzzled when he got in the car and received a note telling him to avoid getting his electric vehicle during peak hours.

“ This bullshit was on the screen of my Tesla yesterday once i got in the car, ” reported Twitter user Mike Bolen, attaching a photo associated with his Tesla’s screen.

The screen mentioned, “ The current heat wave is expected to stress California’s grid this weekend. Use the Scheduled Departure setting to make sure your vehicle is charged plus preconditioned to your preferences on time of departure, while staying away from charging during higher cost evening hours between 4-9PM. ”

Over the past few days, California has been influenced by a historic heat wave causing a massive surge sought after for electric power.

California’s electric grid operator told residents earlier immediately to conserve energy and keep thermostats at 78 degrees, warning rolling power outages could be forthcoming if demand exceeded the grid’s capacity.

Embed through Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

In spite of conservation efforts, the blackouts still hit parts of California’s Bay Area, as UNITED STATES Today reviews :

“ Parts of Northern Ca, such as Palo Alto and  Alameda, rotated outages  in order to meet the state’s requirements yet were able to restore power before 8 p. m. Tuesday. ”

A viral photo published to social media purported to show one Tesla owner actually resorting to charging their car with a gas-powered generator during the energy crisis.

The blackouts and power instability coupled with warnings from both state governments plus Tesla are enough to give any electric vehicle owner cause for concern, plus California unfortunately has more of those problems to look forward in order to as it attempts to ban all gasoline vehicle sales and proceed to all-electric vehicles by 2035 .

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