September 29, 2022

‘Hundreds’ of Secret NATO Documents Leaked – Report

Data apparently for sale on the dark internet after Portugal’s General Staff was hacked

Portugal’s General Staff from the Armed Forces (EMGFA) has been focused by a  “ extented and unprecedented”   internet attack, resulting in the drip of a raft of secret NATO documents, local press outlets reported on Thurs.

Based on Diario de Noticias paper, the Portuguese government was not even aware of the assault until the US informed it of the breach, which has been categorized by the nation’s authorities since   “ extremely serious. ”

The outlet’s resources claim that it was the US cleverness community that found   “ hundreds”   of confidential or even secret NATO documents put up for sale on the dark web. According to the report, the notice on the discovery was delivered directly to Antonio Costa, the country’s prime minister, last August.  

A spokesperson for the US embassy in Lisbon would nor confirm nor deny the particular report, saying they do not discuss intelligence matters.

The report indicates the General Staff has carried out a comprehensive audit of its internal systems and managed to determine the computers from which the NATO documents were taken. The agency also found that rules related to the protected transmission of classified files had been broken.    

“ This cyberattack was prolonged with time and undetectable and used bots programmed to identify types of document, ”   one of the outlet’s sources observed, adding that information was extracted in several phases.

The outlet says that will NATO will demand explanations and guarantees from the Portuguese government, and an unnamed official told the outlet that this government can guarantee that the armed forces will  “ work daily so that Portugal’s credibility, as a founding member of the particular Atlantic Alliance, remains unchanged. ”

The data leak comes after NATO stated in late August that the bloc was investigating a hacking of missile firm MBDA by unknown malicious stars. According to media reports, the particular hackers had put blueprints of weapons used by Ukraine in its conflict with Russia on sale on the dark web.  

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