September 29, 2022

NEW YORK Times Caught Rigging Best-Seller List Against Alex Jones’ The Great Reset

Pure fraud! For a business that routinely publishes content articles excoriating others both for disseminating misinformation and for engaging in heinous acts of censorship, The New York Times needs to be ashamed

The Great Reset: And the War for the World , by Alex Jones, outsold the #1 Ny Times bestseller for hardcover non-fiction this week. And yet it was excluded from their bestseller listing.  

Total consumer preorders from 8/10 to 8/30 were 24, 739 copies from Amazon by itself, with 11, 297 copies ordered during the publication 7 days, for a total of thirty six, 036 copies sold.  

Now i am Glad My Mom Died   by Jeanette McCurdy, which sold 34, 686 units this week, was outlined as #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.  

Breaking History , by Jared Kushner, sold 13, 356 copies in the same 7 days, and was listed as #2.    

The truly amazing Reset   is #6 right now to the Amazon weekly bestseller list for all books sold in most genres and formats. In only a little over a week’s period there are already 417 Amazon customer reviews with a impressive average of 4. nine out of 5. 0 stars.  

The Great Reset   sold nine times as many copies as the #15 book on the Ny Times list,   Vacuuming in the Nude   by Peggy Rowe, which sold a grand overall of 3, 587 duplicates.  

Again, the New York Times ruled out Alex Jones’s  The Great Reset   from its rightful put on the list.    

When asked for comment on how  The truly amazing Reset   could have been excluded for New York Times bestseller list, a spokesman for the NYT insisted it had nothing whatsoever to do with the author or the content of the book. Instead, they will falsely claimed it was “ just sales pattern. ”  

To get a company that routinely publishes articles excoriating others each for disseminating misinformation and for engaging in heinous acts associated with censorship, The New York Occasions should be ashamed. The public should recognize that it can’t trust what they publish. They are a good advocacy organization, not a news organization. This is a sad comments on the state of journalism in the United States.  

It is time to end the censorship of conservative voices through bestseller lists.  

The Great Reset   was the bestselling hardcover non-fiction book in America last week. Time period.  

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