September 29, 2022

Slava Raytheon: Zelensky To Heading Conference Of US Defense Companies

Ukrainian President  Volodymyr Zelensky has throughout a lot of the six-month long Ukraine war been busy rallying support to his aspect by addressing dozens of Western countries’ parliaments, for which Ukraine has since been rewarded with billions of dollars in foreign defense and humanitarian aid. His foremost style has been a constant refrain associated with his military urgently […]#@@#@!!

Ukrainian President  Volodymyr Zelensky has throughout a lot of the six-month long Ukraine war been busy rallying support to his aspect by addressing dozens of Traditional western countries’ parliaments, for which Ukraine has since been compensated with billions of dollars in foreign defense and humanitarian education aid.

His foremost theme has been a constant refrain of his military urgently needing  more, more and more   weapons. He’s even requested advanced fighter aircraft, months ago asking Congress to “ close the particular skies” (or in essence a No Fly Zone).

Now for the first time it seems he’ll go straight to the original source, as he’s set to end up being the  keynote speaker, via video link, to some major meeting of American defense contractors   later this month.   The Hill  is  confirming   that “ he or she headlines the annual Upcoming Force Capabilities Conference and Exhibition hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)” in Austin, Texas on Sept 21.

Ukraine’s defense minister  Oleksii Reznikov is also scheduled to address the conference. Naturally, both are expected to emphasize a message that more and heavier arms are needed when Ukrainian forces hope to maintain their eastern and southern counteroffensive, which in the last times has been widely reported because successful – at least so far.

Russian Defense Ministry speaker Igor Konashenkov has on Saturday  admitted his army   has had to  “ regroup” soldiers from Balakliya plus Izyum in Kharkiv Oblast. This is being taken as an indicator Ukraine’s military is being pressed back from Kharkiv and could be taking heavy loss, with the day prior Zelensky announcing Ukraine has  taken back over  thirty settlements in the region .

“ We are steadily taking control over more settlements, returning the Ukrainian banner and protection for our people. ” Zelenskiy said. “ Our army, intelligence, the Security Service of Ukraine keep on active actions in several operational directions. They continue effectively. ”

This is actually the message he’s expected to tension in addressing the major arms expo in August. Within the audience will be representatives from your leading military weapons manufacturers  in the US :  

News of the Ukrainian president’s speech to the NDIA — whose membership includes protection industry giants like  Raytheon Technologies, Lockheed Matn and General Dynamics   — comes as Kyiv looks to fend off Russia’s invasion as it drags through its sixth month.

Eight protection contractors — including Raytheon, Lockheed and General Mechanics —   attended a meeting at the Pentagon within April   to discuss how the U. S. can speed up production to help Ukraine fend off Moscow’s war.

The particular U. S. has committed  $15. 2 billion in security assistance to Ukraine   since the start of the Biden administration, including $14. 5 billion since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

A number of independent observers are noting just how obviously this brings to the fore one of the key motives of US hawks, especially officials tied closely to the military-industrial complicated, who have  shown no interest in pushing both warring sides to the negotiating table . In fact , evidence has recently emerged strongly directing to Washington and London  playing the part of behind-the-scenes saboteurs   to prior ceasefire talks.

Instead the past months have seen these officials by and large argue for Congress to sign off on essentially a  “ blank check”   bonanza of Ukraine arms purchase . Like other latest conflicts, for example in the Middle Eastern, they see the Russia-Ukraine war as fundamentally an  opportunity .

Journalist Max Blumenthal amounts up the unspoken reality basically: “ Fresh off his appearance at Wall Street, where he pitched corporations to the plunder of his state’s assets, Zelensky will appear in a conference of arms makers in Texas to present their country’s war as  a fantastic business opportunity . ”

You will find more infographics at  Statista

And Zelensky will undoubtedly continue to get the red carpet rolled out for him with the world’s wealthiest defense firms, given he  primarily remains the arms contractors’ #1 foreign client   – and all in the expense of the common US taxpayer to boot.

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