October 1, 2022

Video clip: British historian Dr . Toby Roberts wipes floor together with his woke MSNBC colleague

After web host slammed the Queen designed for representing ‘brutal colonialism, assault, theft and slavery’

A British historian slammed  woke  MSNBC host Ali Velshi on live TV on Saturday for only ‘ concentrating on the negatives’ after he began a special on  the Queen’s legacy simply by condemning the history of the  royal family.

Velshi began his special on the Queen’s heritage Saturday talking about her lengthy reign and saying she ‘ was a constant for that British people.

‘ She endeared their self to the public, and the girl popularity is unmatched by any other member of the regal family, ‘ Velshi, the Canadian-American, mused.

But , he then added: ‘ As beloved as Elizabeth was, she also displayed an institution that a new long and ugly good brutal colonialism, violence, theft and slavery.

‘ For many centuries, the particular British robbed other countries of their wealth and energy, and exploited their people, ‘ he continued.    

‘ Even as Full Elizabeth’s reign largely marked the beginning of the post colonial era, the horrors that her long line of forefathers inflicted upon many decades of people across the globe continues to be the source of pain.

Following those remarks, Velshi shared a clip of King Charles III talk upon taking the throne, before introducing his guest, NBC British Historian Andrew Roberts, who disputed much of what the MSNBC host said.

Velshi asked your pet about the idea that ‘ there are plenty of people who are Queenists; they’re not really monarchists, ‘ people who liked Elizabeth, but do not necessarily like the institution.

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