September 28, 2022

Covid Vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity, NEJM Study Shows

A new  study  published in the  New England Journal of Medicine  (NEJM) shows not just that the effectiveness of the Pfizer Covid vaccine becomes negative (meaning the vaccinated are more likely to end up being infected than the unvaccinated) within five months but how the vaccine destroys any security a person has from natural immunity. The study is a large observational study […]#@@#@!!

A new  research   published within the  New Britain Journal of Medicine  ( NEJM ) shows not only that the effectiveness of the Pfizer Covid shot becomes negative (meaning the particular vaccinated are more likely to be contaminated than the unvaccinated) within 5 months but that the shot destroys any protection a person has from natural immunity.

The study is a large observational study that looks at 887, 193 children aged 5 to 11 years in North Carolina, associated with whom 273, 157 (30. 8%) received at least one dosage of Pfizer vaccine among November 1st 2021 plus June 3rd 2022. The research includes 193, 346 SARS-CoV-2 infections reported between Mar 11th 2020 and June 3rd 2022.

The researchers used a form of statistical modelling with changes for confounding factors (such as underlying conditions) to calculate estimates of vaccine effectiveness over time and contrary to the different Covid variants.

The findings are depicted in the charts below. In chart A, notice that the green and blue lines, symbolizing children vaccinated in Nov and December respectively, go through zero into negative place at a sharp gradient inside five months of the first injection. It’s unclear exactly why the green line is not really continued past April, because the researchers presumably had the data, but from what is shown it looks very much like the vaccine effectiveness will continue declining deep into detrimental territory.

Within chart B, we discover both the red and glowing blue lines – which signify children who are vaccinated and also have been previously infected and never previously infected respectively – again going through zero at a steep gradient within five months of vaccination. The fact that the vaccinated who have natural immunity from previous contamination also see negative usefulness is a surprise as one may not expect those with natural immunity to be more susceptible to disease than those without it.

Charts C and G suggest that it is the vaccine that is causing this worrying chafing of natural immunity. Chart D shows the effectiveness of organic immunity from previous illness among the vaccinated. Notice that the blue line, which is protection against the Delta variant one of the vaccinated-and-previously-infected, hits zero at a steep gradient within 7 months. Now look at the blue line in chart D, which is protection against Delta in the previously infected and  unvaccinated . It, too, is waning, yet much more slowly, and after 8 months it is still a lot in positive territory in over 50%. The same can be said for natural defenses against earlier variants (green line), which wanes slowly and remains positive after 16 months. Why is natural immunity remaining protective for that unvaccinated, whereas in the vaccinated their ‘ protection’ goes negative even if they have natural immunity?

This is very troubling because it suggests not only that the particular vaccines give negative ‘ protection’ after a few months but also that they destroy the safety that should have been provided by natural immunity. The unvaccinated keep their protection from previous contamination but the vaccinated end up with unfavorable efficacy even if they’ve been earlier infected. This means the vaccines appear to demolish a person’s organic immunity and leave her or him more vulnerable to infection compared to he or she was before.

The new findings include in growing concerns among scientists about the effect of the Covid vaccines on the immune system. A recent  study   in mice discovered that mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer’s inhibit the  defense mechanisms response  to other pathogens. In this study (which is not yet peer-reviewed), the culprit appeared to be the lipid nano-particles (LNPs) which carry the mRNA in the shot: “ We found that pre-exposure to mRNA-LNPs or LNP alone led to long-term inhibition of the adaptive  immune  responses. ”

Another pre-print  research   found how the Pfizer vaccine “ induces complex functional reprogramming associated with innate immune responses” including “ inhibition of innate immune responses”.

Oddly, the authors of the new study fail to attract attention to their alarming results. Instead they conclude how the vaccine was “ found to confer considerable immunity against Omicron infection” – even though the high protection only lasted weeks and was negative within months. In addition they conclude that “ the particular rapid decline in protection against Omicron infection which was conferred by vaccination and previous infection provides assistance for booster vaccination” – as though what people really need much more of these injections.

But the study’s findings are left out for obvious resons, and they are highly concerning. It could increasingly clear that it was an error to rush mRNA shot technology to market, and that the particular vaccines need to be taken out of use and put back into the research stage until the full range of their results and their safety user profile are much better understood.

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