October 3, 2022

Deinem Senator Compares 9/11 Terrorists to January 6 Rioters

Suggests domestic “insurgents” are now a larger threat.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner used the 21st anniversary of 9/11 to ridiculously compare the terrorists that attacked the twin systems and the Pentagon to “ insurgents” who entered the Capitol on January six.

Warner made the comments during an appearance on Face area.

The Va lawmaker was asked simply by host Margaret Brennan how vulnerable America was in order to terrorism now given what has happened in Afghanistan.

“ Properly, Margaret, I remember, as most Americans do, where they were upon 9/11. I was in the middle of a political campaign and suddenly, the differences with my opponent appear very small in comparison and the country came together. And many ways, we conquered the terrorists because of the strength of the American public because of our intelligence community, and are safer, better prepared, ” said Warner.

“ The stunning matter to me is here we are 20 years later, and the attack on the symbol of our democracy had not been coming from terrorists, but it originated from literally insurgents attacking the Capitol on January sixth, ” he added.

The Senator went on to say that he was worried “ about some of the activity in this country where the selection deniers, the insurgency that took place on January 6th” and that he hopes to find the country find a “ oneness of spirit” in the future.

One wonders whether Warner thinks this “ unity” can be achieved by placing Americans on a par with Islamic terrorists or viciously demonizing them as a ‘ violent threat to democracy’ as Joe Biden offers repeatedly done.

Pretending that January six was like 9/11, Pearl Harbor and the rise of Hitler combined is one of Democrats’ familiar demented obsessions.

Earlier this year, historian plus TV pundit Douglas Brinkley directly compared what was essentially a rowdy protest incited by provocateurs to Nazi death camps.

VP Kamala Harris previously compared January 6 in order to both 9/11 and Gem Harbor directly during a presentation in Washington.

A Harvard/Harris poll conducted less than two months after January 6 found that Americans were more concerned within the violence that happened within the aftermath of the death of George Floyd than so what happened at the Capitol.

A poll by Monmouth University last month showed that the much heralded January 6 Committee had no impact whatsoever on public opinion.

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